Video Games Live Is Bringing Their Orchestra To YOUR Home Town!

Most video game orchestras, if they come over to Australia, head to Sydney -- Melbourne if you're lucky -- not Video Games Live. These guys are bringing their awesome show to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland in 2012.

Video Games Live is an awesome multi media concert event featuring video game music from a world class orchestra combined with creative use of the game footage itself. It's created and produced by Tommy Tallarico, a composer who has created music for games such as Another World, Prince of Persia, Maximo and many more.

We're currently unaware of the precise dates when Video Games Live will be arriving in Australia - the website has 2012 TBA - but as soon as we receive more specific info we'll let you guys know!


    Thank god I don't have to go up to Sydney again like with Distant Worlds.

      You got to admit tho... It was worth it...

      Great concert and great city :)

        You're half right...

        I kid, as long as you don't have to drive, Sydney is fine.

    They have had TBA Dates on this site for over a year. I really hope they do come down though

    Will deff be heading to this one when dates are announced :D

    Now bring on Zelda :)


      +1 XD We're sharing a popcorn.

    I saw these guys when I was living in Malaysia.

    I also assure you Daniel, there was very little final fantasy music. IIRC, there were only two songs played from all the games - and this was to an Asian audience!

    Expect music from both Japanese greats such as Zelda and Shadow of the colossus, and Western blockbusters such as Halo and World of Warcraft. There was even a 'retro game' medley, featuring the themes from classic games like pacman and tetris.

    These guys are really good and their show is super entertaining, if you like any kind of video game i highly recommend you go and see them.

    *Dancing, dancing, dancing*
    Music to my ears.

    Wow, bad pun. Not intended.

    'cept if you're from Adelaide haha

      No kidding. I would do unspeakable things to have Video Games Live here.

      I'm from Adelaide. :(

    Awesome, always wanted to see an orchestra live and this seems like the perfect excuse.


    Guess I will just go sit in Rundle Mall and play Zelda Midi's.

      Can I join you?

        All welcome, all welcome. I will be performing between 8am and 6pm. Not non-stop during that time, but at an unspecified time in between those two points of the day.

      My thoughts exactly. Why the crap don't they want to come to a city full of more than 1 million people?

        It's sad that they've forgotten Adelaide, but, y'know, Melbourne isn't that far away X3

        Also I'm so glad about the final fantasy music. I really dislike Final fantasy, but in my experience Video Games live tries to play a bit of everything.

      Adelaide: The New Perth

        It should read Perth: The New Perth.

    Arent you ment to be over in scotland mark?

      He doesn't leave until Thursday! You still get two whole days of Marky Markness.

    I remember the concert at the Opera House took a shot at playing Dancing Mad on the main concert hall's organ. It was a brave attempt, but it didn't really work.

    There wasn't a lot of Square Enix music - I did like the Chrono Suite, though - but I also saw Eminence that year, who were a little more focused on Japan but a lot more passionate, and I think that came through in the performance. Then again, it's not a competition.

    That has been the status on there website for awhile, and before that been listed for concerts to be on in December

    That has been the status on there website for awhile, and before that been listed for concerts to be on in December.

    Woot! I will definitely be going. Can't wait! Seen the videos on Youtube and they look sweet! Hope there is some Bioshock music!

    Oh hell yeah. Yes to a Perth concert!

    Cool, definitely will be going to that then. VGL isn't as good as Eminence were, but Eminence have stopped doing live shows :(

    I laughed at how the first paragraph was going on about how the lack of Adelaide was a good thing.

    It needs Xenosaga stuff, seriously.

    I campaigned for them with a Facebook page and they skip my city.

    Fuck you VGL. I should have gone to "PLAY!".

    you do know that the status has been "TBA" in Australia for at least 4 years? Each year it just moves to the year ahead. I'll believe it when tickets go on sale.

    YAY! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    Meanwhile, if you live in Brisbane then check out the BRISBANE REGIONAL YOUTH ORCHESTRA perform video game music THIS SAT NIGHT (10th Sept). ticket info at and check out the vids from last years concert on YouTube :)

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