Vote For BroShep’s Hair Color In Kotaku’s (Un)Official Poll!

Vote For BroShep’s Hair Color In Kotaku’s (Un)Official Poll!

First, Mass Effect‘s FemShep got a poll to determine her official appearance. Now, BioWare is running a second poll to determine her hair colour.

But why should FemShep have all the fun? Poor BroShep is probably feeling kind of neglected right now. To remedy that, we’re hosting our own vote to determine BroShep’s hair colour.

Which do you prefer? Make your voices heard! The winner will be featured on the cardboard jacket-art for the limited-run Kotaku Edition of the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition.

(Note: That is not a real thing.)

Which hair colour do you prefer for BroShep?


  • Shepard should have a beard. Like a full on Dumbledore/Hobo style beard. That’s all I want from a Mass Effect game.

    • Nah he needs huge hair and giant bushy moustache, 70s porn star style

      Ooh or maybe a freddie mercury look, that could work

    • As the Femshep poll is all about showing how all it takes to make a great female character is to make her look as hot as possible, equating femininity to looks, I think it is only fitting that the similar treatment be taken for BroShep. And in that regard, the only real measure of a man’s manly manlyness is his beard. But for this very reason, and that there is no option for ‘Bearded’ in this poll, I am dissapoint.

  • I lol’d at this. Where’s the blue hair option? My broshep was part of a thrashcore band in the early naughties. Like Mudvayne, but worse.

    He travelled to the future on the promise of many a romantic rendezvous with tentacled aliens. Only to be recruited as a Spectre. He then formed a Mudvayne tribute band called Cerebrus. They sucked, but not as badly as Mudvayne.

    Hence, my BroShep finally defeated Mudvayne and his blue hair was sealed…. with colour treatment.

    That is all.

  • What the hell… ?
    goddamnit kotaku.

    Why the hell does anyone care about the hair color of a persona that players can completely customise anyway?

    Its like debating weather or not my oblivion toon should wear shoes or not.
    Who cares.

  • After playing LA Noire, the characters of ME seem like Thunderbirds puppets!!
    Shepard has the personality of a wet rag, so I choose the grey hair. To match his boring personality lol how he gets laid with that personality is beyond me!
    Then again, I hear space horniness is a real bitch! Haha!

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