Want To See Some Battlefield 3 Co-Op? 3, 2, 1, Shoot!

Making its debut at Gamescom 2011 in Germany, Battlefield 3's co-op mode is every bit as intense as singleplayer, with 100 per cent more synchronised shouting.

DICE showed off a level of co-op during EA's Gamescom press conference earlier this morning, demonstrating what happens when two men team up to help a foreign national defect. While what we see here is pretty standard co-op gameplay, the game's co-op will contain all of the features of normal single and multiplayer, including vehicle combat and cursing at one another over the headset.


    Looks awesome.
    Im curious though, how often woukd 2 soldiers hve to escort a trio of humvees on foot?`
    Seems kinda silly when they all have mounted machine guns.

      yea i agree with u but hey its a game!!! =D Anything can happen in a game. It's pretty intense and seems more fun than MW2 Spec Ops, although that game mode was actually pretty fun back in the days.

    Needs more interesting game play like MW2. That was fantastic with a helicopter gunner supporting the other play on the ground, or the AC-130 escorting a player in the dark and making use of the marker lights.

    Or even Splinter Cell co-op play

    Having 2 people clear a street is fun but seems more like an console after thought than a fully developed feature

      That was a "demo"

      I'd imagine the full co-op would be a little more exciting.

      Seems as though there may be some kind of co-op story in there maybe.

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