Want To See The Real World? You Can't Handle The Real World

Strip away the facade of dreary everyday life and you have The Secret World, the upcoming present-day MMO from Funcom in which every myth, urban legend, consipiracy theory, and spooky campfire tale is proven true.

This behind-the-scenes video demonstrates the twisted versions of real-world locations players will be visiting in The Secret World. Funcom's designers mix the commonplace with the bizarre, recreating that feeling you get when something just feels the slightest bit off, only instead of the feeling passing, twisted nightmare creatures arrive to upgrade the unease into something closer to real terror.

So much potential. Let's make this one count, Funcom.


    Those guys need to chillax and not read from the script so much.

    I spy with my little eye, more hecklers to grind.

    This game has taken soooo long to get off the ground. I just want it now >.<

    ... and I would have gotten a way with it to, if it weren't for you dam kids

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