Want Your 3DS To Look Stupid?

The 3DS and its three-layer cake motif look beautiful. It's a stunning piece of hardware, and one of Nintendo's most interesting designs. So why not totally f**k that up?

Linx Products is releasing the "Handy Grip" for the 3DS. It supposedly provides better grip for the glossy 3DS. There are even webbed handles to prevent the 3DS from, I guess, flying out of your hands?

The contraption also has a little picture frame stand. This should make it easier for the table to grip the 3DS. The Handy Grip will be released August 12 in Japan — a release date that should stick.

リンクスプロダクツ、3DS「ハンディグリップD3」 [Game Watch]

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    I know there's a batman joke here somewhere...

    That looks uh.... that looks good.

    Even though it looks ugly as sin, they are onto something here, if i play my 3DS for about 30 minutes straigt i start to get cramps in my hands, its because the device wasnt designed with ergonomics in mind.

    this looks like it could fix that problem and it stretches your hands out a bit more so they are not so confined to a small area.

    Small buttons are a pain in the arse for people with big hands.

      I agree, the ergonomics of my DS (I actually own the NDS but it's almost physically identical, please don't shoot me) really annoys me, playing for long periods hurts my hands and I have to shake some life back into them.

      Granted, this grip isn't pretty, but it looks very functional. I'd get one (if I ever get a 3DS), and since I probably won't carry it with me everywhere I go, a novel concept regarding portable gaming devices, the weird looks it would potentially draw wouldn't matter to me

      1st off I just accidentally reported you thinking it said reply (SORRY)

      2nd I agree, should the 3DS prove to be just as good or better down the line then the old DS and the release one with bigger sholder buttons I'd happily trade in.

    i genuinely dont hate it

    Want your 3DS to look stupid? Buy a 3DS

      Want your Kotaku article to look stupid? Get FiveStein to comment on it

    It might look stupid, but from an ergonomic point of view that would be a hell of a lot more comfortable with it than with out it.

    So trade cramps from small form factor for aches from the webbing? I'll just hold it like a tard and be comfortable(seriously, hold it like you're miming "taking a photo" and it's so much more comfortable).

    I want one.

    I used to have handles for my Game Boy Advance SP. They made it ergonomic and staved off the cramps. In the privacy of your own home they are beautiful.

    Thank you all for helping make the word 'Ergonomic' stop sounding like a word.

    as ugly and stupid as it looks i would say it could be usefull, my 3DS is small in my hands and i get sore wrists from the way i have to hold it to play it.

    Can't say I've ever really thought the 3DS looked different from the DS Lite. Beautiful? That's a stretch...

    It's ok to look stupid in your own home.. might be more comfortable.

    I dunno Brian, being able to actually hold my 3DS would be pretty cool.

    i almost exclusively play my 3DS at home on the couch and cant stand more than 30mins or so of it so anything that makes that experience more comfortable is a ok in my books.

    if it is easy to take off and put into a bag then i cant see any problem with it

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