Warhammer Online: Wrath Of Heroes’ Bright Wizard Is One Hot Little Number

Warhammer Online: Wrath Of Heroes’ Bright Wizard Is One Hot Little Number

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes mixes the player-versus-player combat of Warhammer Online with the champion system of games like DOTA to create a unique free-to-play competitive online experience. Meet Felicia. She’ll be your Bright Wizard today.

The player-versus-player combat was my favourite aspect of Warhammer Online proper, which is rare for a pansy role-player like me. It was fast, dynamic, and entertaining, and going back to the dull drudgery of grinding levels after it was all over was a real let-down.

So Bioware Mythic stripped the PVP element from the MMO, added pre-made characters, and voila! Instant action.

What a lovely idea. I’m looking forward to giving the game a go later this year.


  • As a large warhammer fan I felt let down by this game. I remember being unimpressed by a beastman (half man half goat) not looking anything like the ones from the art books or miniatures especially in the characters head models. Secondly Chaos, Orks and Dark Elves all living together in the same city when according to warhammer lore they are enemies! Couple that with graphical bugs galore and it’s enough to take a staunch fan of warhammer since the 80’s quit not in disgust but in disappointment.

  • I enjoyed the pvp immensely in WAR. Being a Black Orc pushing the lines while soaking massive damage was awesome. Shame the game was hamstringed by numerous issues and was then forgotten about. I might just give this a look.

  • WAR has 6 servers remaining LOL pity they didnt offer trials sooner. by the time they did it was to late AH DEAR SILLY EA! had a real winner.

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