Watch An 8-Year-Old Kick Ass At EVO 2011


    I feel so much worse at fighting games than I did 5 minutes ago.

    AHAHA, he kicks major ass.

    Take away the kids sentinel and the other guy would have done better =/

    Say whatever hate you want, But sentinel is an extremely unbalanced character.

      Dude he is eight... nothing else needs to be said. It isn't like you can even say he was just button mashing to a noob win as he mixed it up a lot and managed to combo a damn lot of the time.

      Sentinel is only 'unbalanced' if you don't know how to handle him (and he's even less effective after the nerf). At a tournament level, if a person can't handle Sentinel as well as any other character, they really need to put in some serious practice.

    He certainly was pretty good, with the fighting game scene what it is at the moment if I was a school kids I'd practice the heck out of this too.

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