Watch An 8-Year-Old Kick Ass At EVO 2011

Watch An 8-Year-Old Kick Ass At EVO 2011

EVO 2011 is the fighting game tournament to end all fighting game tournaments, and while we’ve brought you the “official/” winners, here’s the real winner. Noah. Who is kicking some arse. Oh, and by the way, Noah is eight years old.


  • Take away the kids sentinel and the other guy would have done better =/

    Say whatever hate you want, But sentinel is an extremely unbalanced character.

    • Dude he is eight… nothing else needs to be said. It isn’t like you can even say he was just button mashing to a noob win as he mixed it up a lot and managed to combo a damn lot of the time.

    • Sentinel is only ‘unbalanced’ if you don’t know how to handle him (and he’s even less effective after the nerf). At a tournament level, if a person can’t handle Sentinel as well as any other character, they really need to put in some serious practice.

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