Watch Game Of Thrones In Magnificent 16-Bit

There is a fair amount of overlap between "Video Game Fan" and "Game of Thrones Fan" on the venn diagram of life, and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that someone has merged the two to great effect.

College Humor has posted a truly fantastic video called "Game of Thrones RPG," which re-creates the entire first season of the multiple Emmy award-nominated HBO fantasy series as if it were a video game from the Super Nintendo era.

You guys, it's so rad. So. Rad. Obviously, it contains a ton of Game of Thrones spoilers, so if you haven't watched the show yet, you probably want to do that first. (Wait, you haven't watched Game of Thrones? What are you doing? You should totally watch it, it's really good! No, really!)

High points from the video include include a Drogo-sex minigame, a dramatic turn of events for Tyrion, and nice trip to see Jon Snow on the wall. Ah hell, just watch it:


    This! This is awesome! Made my morning hahaha.

    Oh my god, Ned DIES!?!?

    Thank ****! I couldn't make it through one episode, not even with the promise of tits. The amount of money they spent on location shots to support dialogue that drab was gobsmacking. Now I don't need to watch the show to be savvy among my army of friends who recommended this ****.

      csi more to your liking i take it?

        I was thinking maybe HBO did a Three Billy Goats Gruff, but "not even with the promise of tits" pretty much says it all ;)


        If you're not into high-quality drama, there's a high probability of PoliceCops-syndrome involved.

      haha sounds like it!


      HOW DARE Y- Ah, screw it, not everyone's cup of coffee.

    This comedy was SPOT ON and GOLD! Bravo CH! You rarely get this good! :D

    Sums up the first season fairly well haha.

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