Watch Gears Of War 3's Opening Cinematic Right Now

So. I realise that recently, I've questioned why in the world anyone would want to watch leaked footage of Gears 3 gameplay, or indeed, any game. But that's just me. And besides, this video isn't gameplay, it's just the opening cinematic to next month's big 360 exclusive Gears of War 3.

"Previously, on Gears of War: Locusts! Explosions! Jacinto! Anya is hot! Dom is tortured! Marcus is a little bit of both! Then we all moved onto boats!"

The cinematic ends just in time to make me really want to start playing Gears of War 3. What will happen next? My guess: They all sail away for a nice holiday, and everything works out awesome.


    I want to see a Lambent 'Zerker explode all over Hoffman's smug, ungrateful face, so i can watch him melt away like the wickjed witch from the Wizard of oz... I hate that guy.

    Him and General Seranno From Bulletstorm ought to hang out and go bowling, kicking the crutches out from under a bunch crippled children, while setting fire to a hospital, and telling Marcus / Gray (and by extension, Me) that we're worthless scumbags that just laze around causing problems for them.

    Oh whats that general? Even though I'm the biggest screw up in the history of the CoG you want moi to go into the goddamn hollow again? So me and my depressed, beardy, non sexual life partner can be digested by some new and more revolting underground creature and save the effing day yet again? Sure... I can do that.

    I still Anya can't be a Gear, it's all wrong.

      Shameless attempt at at sex appeal, and attempting to prove that Marcus/Dom aren't gay (yeah, right).

      Doesn't change the fact that she barely looks like she can lift a goddamn toothpick and is supposedly a front-line soldier.

    Yeah, she should be in the kitchen, right Ynefel? >:/

      I wondered when the sexism card would be pulled. Have you seen servicewomen? They look every bit as tough as the men they fight with. Carry a heavy-ass gun amidst combat and manual labour and you'll put on muscles. They don't have a model's stick-thin physique.

      Nor would any sane military just throw their NCOs down to the trenches. You want us to take your female soldiers seriously, Epic? Follow the FemShep route and make them genuinely tough, instead of using them for sex appeal and double-backing.

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