Watch One Of John Carmack's Fabled QuakeCon Talks

The John Carmack keynote at Quakecon is always memorable and a bit of a mental marathon. The man builds games, invents gaming tech and created real life rocketships in his spare time.

Here's the full talk.


    it's cut at the end so not full?

    who's the guy at 59 minutes engrossed in his mobile?

    All Hail!

    He is clearly brilliant, amazingly adept at what he does and has a good handle of what needs to be done in the future to improve the current gaming situation, yet thanks to the image youtube has shown before you hit play, all I can see is "DERP".

    He's a super intelligent guy and I respect him... but what I love about him is his painfully stereotypical 'nerd-voice' and that he *doesn't* try to hide it at all. :)

    kick. ass.

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