Watch The Creator Of Minecraft Create A New Game - LIVE

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This is happening right now. Minecraft creator Markus Persson is currently taking part in a video game competition to make something new in 48 hours - and you can watch him doing this - live.

I've just began keeping track, so I'm a bit out of the loop, but it appears as though the game is currently up and running. This sort of stuff is fascinating to see for me, as a layman. For those with a knowledge of game design and programming, it's a must watch.

Thanks Thaigrocer.


    it really is fascinating :), i thought hed be finished by now. Getting out of bed and watching him again ;)

    One of my friends on twitter:

    "Nothing is happening apart from playing shite electro. Is he away for a crap or something?"

    Started watched just as he finished :(

    Now if only he would do some more work on Minecraft, because I doubt Scrolls is going to make as much money as they hope.

    I was watching this on Sat night before bed when he was just starting. It was awesome to hear the creation of a game when it was just a word document and a few ideas. He then started coding and he lost me... but freaking cool to watch it live.

    Damn I wish I would have seen this earlier, would have loved to see some professional game coding practice.


      lolololol, Nice

    'OMG NOTCH!' [cue fanboys] *squeeeeee*

    I think this is the game:

    If he already had the Game engine built the game would be simple to create in 48 hours. This is not an amazing feat really.The game its self looks low quality all together,But what does any one expect for 48 hours.

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