Watch Them Play Valve's DOTA 2

The International, Valve's live DOTA 2 championship is happening now at Gamescom. That means that a select group of dedicated gamers are currently vying to be the champion in a game that hasn't yet released.

While no one but the competitors are allowed to play the game just yet, you can watch their hands on at the embedded stream during play hours. And feel free to provide your own commentary.

Here's the schedule.


    Keeps re-buffering every 5 seconds , anyone else find it hard to watch?

      no doubt man, servers overload?
      Hopefully they show the replays

        Yeah , working way better now the commentators said something about it before.

    I've always had problems with own3D streaming. I find running through a VPN like Hotshield makes it run much better.

    They mentioned over 4 million concurrent viewers. No wonder it's overloaded.

    I started watching it (had less lag/problems then my friends) and I thought hang on, this is just HoN with different models/animations, exactly same everything, which is like DOTA to, I mean comon, how bout something new, instead of re-skinning the exact same game.

      But it's called Dota2 for a reason ..

      But HoN was a reskinned Dota and....

      So much derp in one comment I hope he was trolling.

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