Wesley Snipes Tries His Hand At iOS Game With Julius Styles: The International

Today’s the day Wesley Snipes can finally add “Game Developer” to the list of roles he can list on his business card, right between “Vampire Slayer” and “Tax Evader”.

Sure, he doesn’t code or build levels, and yes, he’s currently incarcerated, but an interview over at IGN shows that he’s keeping plenty busy — and his new iOS game Julius Styles: The International developed by Lapland Studios, bears a little more than his likeness.

I crafted the concept, character names and background stories, mixing and matching people I know with people I’d like to know… if they really existed. After writing out a treatment for his first mission, I pitched it to Alison Semenza, a producer I’d worked with in the past, with the goal of making a feature film. Months later she came back and said, “Hey, have you ever thought about making a game out of it?” Now here we are. Team members from our comic/animation division communicate frequently with the game developers, fleshing out the look, music and game challenges, particularly, the mind game elements.

Julius Styles: The International is an episodic action-adventure title with a cinematic flair. It was released on the app store today for $2.99, and you can buy it here.

The Daywalker Speaks: Wesley Snipes Interview [via IGN UK]

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