What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend is going to be a special one for me. I've decided to dust off my 3DS and finally finish off Ocarina of Time, after abandoning it halfway through the Forest Temple. But what about you guys? What are you going to be playing this weekend?

To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten all about Ocarina of Time, until my brother arrived and started playing it on my 3DS. Instantly, like a spoiled brat who only wants what others have, I had a real urge to start playing it again. It's going to be a struggle, since the both of us want to play, but I'm determined to try and finish the game before the end of the weekend.

My brother is ahead of me, just at the water temple -- the most deviously unfair dungeon the Zelda franchise has ever seen -- and that's sparked a long dormant sibling rivalry that tracks all the way back to playing Secret of Mana on the SNES, when we'd have to take turns on our own games and race each other to the finish. If he manages to finish to before me, the 12-year-old inside me will be crushed.

Anyway, that's my weekend. What are you guys up to?

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    I have to go to my sister's parents for the weekend so probably will not have much time to play. But I'm bringing my 3DS with me and I too will be playing Ocarina of Time, I'm almost up to the Spirit Temple so a good 2, maybe 3 hours will see me to the end of the game. Hopefully I can find the time!

      "I have to go to my sister’s parents"

      Freudian slip...

        F*CK! I meant my girlfriend's parents. And no my sister is not my girlfriend. What a crap mistake to make :(


          ? :P


              That's what she said!

              Sorry mate, no offence intended :)

                None taken. I dug myself a hole, you were just filling it in :P

                  If it makes you feel better, I came into work this morning and was making a coffee. The break room has a TV, on it was Today Show and Taylor Swift was being interviewed. My work mate had gone to get his coffee mug, as I was filling up mine I heard footsteps behind me. I assumed it was him, said "Man I'd love to have a crack at Taylor Swift".

                  Problem was in wasn't my mate, but my boss's boss, female and not impressed :/

      Maybe James and sister were adopted and raised by different families and have all met up 'find my family' style and this weekend he is going to visit his sister's parents. Not too hard people :)

    A bit of VANQUISHHHHHH. The best knee sliding slow motion explosion simulator action game with smoking ever.

    Also FFVII, got the buggy the other day after Golden Saucer so I was going around doing the extra stuff but I might keep moving on with the story this weekend.

      Ooh, I got that a couple of weeks ago, and I reckon it might just hit the spot - it's been too long since I played something that is full-on action.

      It will also nicely balance out the more sedate pace of Dragon Age, which I'm slowly getting into. Though I think I enjoyed the futuristic setting of Mass Effect more.

      I'm also going to try and sneak in some 3DS time with Resident Evil: Mercenaries and/or Dead or Alive.

      Did someone say Final Fantasy VII? MY FAVOURITE GAME. However, WTF? People still play this game? It's pretty dated.

        Playing it on my PSP makes it a bit easier on the eyes. Plus you get used to the graphics after about an hour.

          I agree with this guy!

      I played the demo last year - there's nothing quite like crouching behind cover lighting up a cigarette!

    Gonna get into some stalker: CoP finally. Bought it during sales but work has been too busy! Can't wait!

    Probably some League of Legends and Infamous 2.

    So nothing much, just the usual.

    Draaaaaaaaaaaaagon Quuuueeeest IX!!!

      Which will be something different for me, I like to try new things.

        That game loves its puns.

          Jack of alltrades- Master of Nu'un!

    OoT 3D for me as well. It's my first time playing OoT, and I've gotten lost quite a few times already, although I'd manage to figure it out eventually...hrs later. At the Fire Temple right now.

    I'll be playing the amazing game of 'work on the weekends' where by you go to work on a Saturday and don't get paid. If I get time I'll pick up a 3DS from Dick Smith for $199 and get some OoT on for what, at last count, will be my 6th playthrough of the game.

    I'm having a Mortal Kombat tournament party

      Well I'll need to call the police on you. Since you're holding a party for mature adults that are playing a game that's supposed to be tone-downed enough for little children that are mature enough to play.

    Minecraft. ^_^

    Learning to keep my Leopard 2's alive in Combat Mission. Struggling through a second run through of Dragon Age 2.

    Twitching at my desk waiting for Deus Ex Human Revolution.

      The thought of new Deus Ex game gets me through the day. From the looks of it so far, I don't think I will be dissapointed.

    Just picked up my 3DS for $199 not 10 minutes ago. Zelda for me.

    Showing my friend the TF2 ropes, Alien Swarm, MK, Zelda and Picocross which I have become insanely addicted to.

    I have the flu so I'll be spending my rest time playing bioshock

    Here's a dilemma I'm faced with, and some of you probably have been too. Would be interested in some feedback.

    Is it wrong to want to want separate from your partner (who is pregnant) and three kids because you don't get enough time to yourself to play the games you want to play?
    Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But I can never find any time to play my Xbox anymore :(

    Football Manager has me by the balls again...i work in game store i have access to any game i want but damn it football manager wont let me leave... im like Bosnich with coke!

    I SHOULD dump some time into New Vegas. I'll probably play Quake Live and Audio Surf instead.

    Im finally gonna make Darksiders my bitch this weekend. I only have to find the 7 pieces of the Armageddon Sword then the big showdown! (Im assuming lol)
    Im also up to disc 3 in LA Noire, just been disgraced & working for the Arson squad. Hopefully I can knock that over too, its been a fantastic experience.
    Any other time will go playing Mario Kart Wii, Halo Reach, & Tekken 6

    I'm up to the final Ganon fight in OOT Master Quest, but I died and it made me restart at the top of the tower so I got annoyed and shut it down. Once I finish that off then it will be back to Link's Awakening and then hopefully 20 free downloadable games soon enough. (I hope they keep me busy until RE:Revelations or Mario 3D Land comes out)

    As for this weekend I might finally try and finish off Demon's Souls (in hot anticipation of Dark Souls). I can't beat the Old King Allant boss but found a cheap method online I might try out.

    I'll be playing drinking this weekend :)

    Maybe a bit of oblivion as well, have been giving that another good thrashing, as I never finished it or played the DLC. Such an awesome game

      Whenever I play at drinking it's a trip to oblivion for me too!

    Was hoping my copy of Catherine would show up today, but so far no luck. Think I might dust off Fallout 3 and finishing mopping up whatever remaining quests I can find there. Plus a bit of BC2 multiplayer and also starting to feel the need for another serving of GT5.

    May pick up a 3DS this afternoon, in which case OoT will be played over the weekend. Otherwise I'll be trying to get through the billion games I own on steam. Probably roll a dice or flip a coin or something to see which one I play. I started Assassin's Creed almost two weeks ago and haven't played it in over a week so... :-( I'm a little slack.

    I'm keen to get back into Catherine. I couldn't bear to play last weekend when my GF was hung over and hormonal. I'd had about all the girl drama I could take.

    Shadows of the Damned is giving me the shits with those 'big boner' levels, trying so hard not to let it linger on the pile of shame.

    Sunday night, as always, will require some Fallout while scotched on the couch.

      The big boner levels (there's only three and the second is the hardest) become a lot easier if you don't bother for headshots. The enemies go down in three hits and they slow down when you hit them. If you can get headshots for an isntant kill, great, but I found that taking the time to line them up was my to my detriment more often than not.

    I plan to be playing Read Dead Redemption. I started it on Wednesday and I'm enjoying it so far, though I have had some annoying setbacks such as my horse refusing to turn and walking off a cliff, taking me with it. Also, John seems to like switching to his knife for no reason when I'm about to enter a gunfight, which has gotten me killed.

    Realistically, I will probably play a small amount of Red Dead and a lot of time playing Minecraft.

    The World Ends With You - came in the mail 3 days ago but held off playing it till after I finished all my trial HSC exams, yaaaaay!

    And probably some Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, getting my butt kicked online =(

    Well I finished my 2nd playthrough of Infamous 2, so will now be moving onto Red Faction Armageddon ($58 @ JB). I also picked up the 2nd Army of Two game to play co-op with a mate, so hopefully he's available for that this w/e. Then there's Minecraft, there's always Minecraft :)

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