What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What are you guys planning to play this weekend? Me - I'll be playing precisely zippo, since I'm going for a weekend snowboarding! Actually, I'm only a little bit excited about the snowboarding, since I'm not really that great. I'll probably drag my 3DS along for the ride!

I still have Ocarina of Time to get through, so I'm thinking that once I finish snowboarding, and I've iced down my buttcheeks appropriately, I'll try and blast through some of it. There's a large group of my friends going, however, so I suspect I might get roped into something else during the trip.

What are you guys up to this weekend?


    Be Re-Playing Fallout 3 on the PC if i can finish downloading all the HD Mods today.

    I too am going snowboarding this weekend, however this weekend will be extended by 8 days...

    ... And will be in NZ :)

    More Dragon Age and 3DS games like Resident Evil and Dead or Alive. I've also been powering through Outland, and while I can't say that I really love it, I'll stick it out to the end.

      We're also trying to arrange a Welbot benefit gig on 360. Sounds like we might be trying some online Rock Band 1 or Guitar Hero: 2 and 3 tonight?


    I'm also away for nearly a week, so not much.
    Maybe Minecraft if bored, because I know the pc where I'm going can run that, lol

    Starcraft 2! And LoL, and maybe some Just Cause 2, because why not(I'm not going to make that joke).

    Well, I have more home renovations to do this weekend plus I'll be entertaining guests, but I will probably be tinkering with Minecraft, might try out Just cause 2 as well as try and do some of the Fallout New Vegas DLC.

    I was planning to play Team Fortress 2, but I played some last night and it's really quite unenjoyable. I don't know how people subject themselves to it.

    I'll be patiently waiting for Deus Ex, but as well as that if I get the time i'll either be blowing stuff up in Just Cause 2 or blowing stuff up in Battlefield BC2..

    Also Mark, if you need a hand icing down those masculine, bronzed buttcheeks of yours.. ;)

    I'll be completing Toy Soldiers: Cold War to wrap up my Summer/Winter of Arcade coverage. Started off well, but started to get a bit sour. I'll also log some time on SSFIV: Arcade Edition which I picked up cheap from JB yesterday.

    Next up: The PSN Play. I've bought each game, but won't be able to review them on the week-to-week basis on account of flying to Thailaind for about 2 weeks at the end of September.

    I'm still going with ma shame, but in particular...

    - Eternal Sonata (up to last boss)
    - Borderlands

      Just a heads up(without ruining anything for you), you may need roughly an hour free after finishing that game...just sayin.

        I've heard there's a barrage of cut-scenes at the end haha

    Marky, are you going to stick Street Pass on as you board/slide on your arse down the mountain?

    I went snowboarding for the first time last month, it was awesome!! (and painful)

    As for this weekend, I'll be playing OoT 3D, and try to grab more stars in Mario Galaxy...so shiny...

    ..and anxiously waiting for Xenoblade to ship/arrive.

    About half way through Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on the PC so plan on continuing on with that.

    Planning to play a classic, Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Such an awsome classic, sad to see Luxoflux is gone. The slogan at the begining everytime you play the game is different which would always make me laugh.
    The opening slogans were even better in Star Wars: Demolition, from the same creators of Vigilante 8. Loved playing as either the Snowspeeder, AT-ST, Boba Fett or Rancor.

    Finished Dead Space on Impossible last night and got the "Concodrance" Officer trophy. Nice one there, EA.

    So I am gonna start up Dead Space 2. If it's half as good as DS1 then I am going to have a good weekend.

    Bad Comapany 2 MP is all i know for sure. Must get to 50 before BF3 beta

    Gonna tear into Fallout 3, TF2, Zelda abd Mortal Kombat. Gotta finish Zelda so I can start Master Quest!

    I've started a new Demon's Souls game after realising I'd borked up my first character, so I'll be slicing through that.

    Mark, are you taking the GoPro with you? Want to see some epic Serrels stacks in first-person

    Finished Enslaved during the week now playing From Dust

    i will be playing either batman aa or witcher 2 if i get witcher 2. Killing time until deus ex and RO2 being my next games to play.

      Also killing time waiting for RO2 and Deus Ex. Picked up Burnout Paradise yesterday, so going to give that a burl.

    Well thanks to all the TAY peeps, I'm hooked on LoL so will probably be playing a fair bit of that. Although my free day tomorrow has just been half filled with my uncle and aunty's baby shower, but hopefully that doesn't go for too long!

    Picking up a 3DS tonight & FF Tactics on DS, hopefully my order of 3DS games arrives in the mail today too:)
    I might also pick up Res Evil 5 Gold Edition too, as I never finished it

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