What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm sure I wasn't the only one feeling a bit smug when I found out that Australia would be getting a release of Xenoblade Chronicles when the US would be left without, so this weekend I'm going to be sitting around looking smug whilst smugly playing this critically acclaimed JRPG. What will you be smugly or not-so-smugly playing this weekend?

I must admit that for a while I'd given up on JRPGs. Growing up, I'd devoted hundreds of hours to them -- there was just something incredibly gripping about the stories they told, and I don't remember ever forming such strong attachments to the characters I played. Every day I'd turn up at school ready tell my friends of the quests I went on, and we'd compare the HP of our characters and discuss how long it took each of us to defeat certain bosses (as you can probably tell, I was really cool at school). But the more I played the more I found that newer JRPGs lacked the spark that games like Final Fantasy VII and VIII had -- after 10 hours of linear corridors in Final Fantasy XIII, I decided that I couldn't handle any more of it.

So I'm excited about giving Xenoblade a go, especially since it has been so well received by critics. It feels like the promise of meeting an ex who went and got really interesting and attractive after the break-up, although hopefully it won't be nearly as awkward.

Anyway, enough about my life story. What are you playing this weekend?


    Same thing I try every weekend, Pinky - Dragon Age: Origins, Vanquish, some 3DS games, might throw some Outland in there (though I'm getting bored with it).

    I'm also going to be playing a soccer grand final on Sunday morning. Woo!

    DUES EX!!!

      JUICE EX!

        Dr sUES (EX)!!

          Hey, I'll be playing Dr Seuss too! My kid loves it when I read them to him (OK, sure, he just loves scratching the paper, but I enjoy reading them to him).

            I read all the books for their plot twists and controversial views (Do you know they encourage people to eat GREEN eggs and ham?)

              BS, noone is that far out.

                You do not like them.
                So you say.
                Try them! Try them!
                And you may.
                Try them and you may I say.

            Foot loose ex?

          Do you sex?

        So much talk about your Ex on this post Tracey, is something going on?

          Only with Adam Jensen.

    I'm deeply regretting not pre-ordering the red controller version of Xenoblade Chronicles from JB last weekend when they had 20% all games.

    So I'll be moping around wishing I hadn't spent all my money and losing hours at a time to Dungeon Raid.

    Trolling with DJ in SSFIV AE.

    Unfortunately, my LOOSE EX is waiting for me at the post office which I won't be able to go to before closing time today :(

    Got some mates coming over tonight to hopefully finish Ultimate Alliance 2 on PS3, also Might start Sly 3 (after 100% plat the other 2 games) and maybe finish Vanquish if i can get time.

    I'm super hyped for Xenoblade...easily the most excited I've been for a JRPG since FFXII in 06. I'm expecting it in the mail sometime next week.

    This weekend will be more OoT 3D and getting more stars in Mario Galaxy, which I have 90 at the moment.

    Deus Ex....possible some fallout NV.
    Doubt the last one as Deus Ex will suck what little time I have

    Deus Ex, League of Legends and some Dawn of War with ma boyz, oh yeaaaaaah!

      Lies! You have no friends.


        I can't believe this...you're dumping me...over Kotaku? I HATE YOU!

        (I don't really, my love for you is eternal)

          Haha that would probably be the worst ever.
          And nothing shall ever part us my dear!

            HAHA probably!

            And yay! So you will be joining us tonight for DoW?

              I will be definitely be saving the replay for this match. See if people want to commentate it xD, I might want to try

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Obviously!

    Also, watching Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 - You Shall (Not) Advance. That show is messed up :O

      The new movies are good! Go get 2.22 when you're done! I wish 3 would hurry up and get released too! So many exclamations!

        Ugh at this rate 3.33 will never hit... I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wait.. killing.. me!!

    Deus Ex
    Dear Sex
    Day of Sex

    I picked up a few games from the bargain bin last weekend when jb had 20% off. Nearly done with Resistance. Am considering grabbing DXHR though since it's been getting unholy positive reviews.

    Dawn of War 2 and League of Legends.

    I am finally getting really into Fallout 3 (yeah, a bit late to the party). So probably unhealthy amounts of that.

    I have no TV (it died). So I have to spend quality time with the family :(

    Nuddy to girlfriend:
    I got a new game to play this weekend called "Deus Ex"...

    Girlfriend to Nuddy:
    "Day of Sex?"... what sort of GAME is that?!

    ..am I pronouncing it incorrectly?

      I got the same response from a friend yesterday

      "day - es - ex"

      so yes.

      day of sex.

        Well, it's actually '[ˈdeːʊs]', which is more like "Day-oose". Sounds more cool and latin-ey and probably less likely to make you sound like a deviant. More like a wanker, sure, but a sophisticated wanker at least.

          Day-oose is still not quite right, Day-oos? As wikipedia says, it's like the 'oo' in 'wood'.

            Pronunciation of most words can be hard for me on a Friday. (Takes a swig of scotch from coffee mug)..


    This article is pertinent to my interests. Last jrpg that convinced me that they can still be awesome was lost odyssey. Despite some average character design, it had the most emotional and captivating story I've experienced in ages. Xenoblades only downfall is it's outdated visuals. Still xenogears

      Is still worthy of playing despite it's visuals. *iPhone fail*

      Lost Odyssey boss battle music = amazing. I keep listening to it on my iPod -- it makes every action I do in life feel significantly more epic.

        Are you talking about this?


        That was hands-down the standout track for me in Lost Odyssey. I can't even remember other songs from the game.

          This one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgxFLMM9TLw

            Very epic. Xenogears to me always had one of the most standout soundtracks, so I'm thinking 'blade will be pretty up there. Guess it's time to go hunting a 2nd hand wii. Good to see you still writing Tracey! Remember that name from the ol hyper days



    Deus Ex and maybe dabble in some more Super Mario Galaxy.

    I have to finish Red Faction Armageddon, although it's turned into a bit of a slog.

    My dilemma is Deus Ex... do I buy it today and pay $90 at JB or EB, or do I order it online for $60, saving myself $30 towards my next game, but I would have to wait maybe 2 weeks?

      How about the dodgy way...

      If you have the available funds, but it from EB Games today and order it online... Play for 7 days and then return the game within 7 days for a refund.

      For added dodgy behaviour, rinse and repeat the above process at different EB stores until the overseas copy arrives! :p

        Hmmm, that's not a bad idea! Not bad at all!

    Deus Ex, then some more Deus Ex. If there is time on Sunday, Deus Ex.

    I'll be playing packing and moving house :( All the while trying to resist the urge to play Deus Ex

    Noooooo!! My copy of DE:HR is waiting to be picked up, but money wont allow it this week:(
    Looks like a trade in might be happening this weekend!

    Hopefully going to finish infamous 2..... That will teach me not to by 4 games at once

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