What Does Jennifer Hale Think Of The Nickname "FemShep?" (And Other Stuff, Too)

From Facebook beauty-contests for the character she plays to big New Yorker profiles to a hilarious case of mistaken Twitter identity, we've been talking a lot about Mass Effect 3's female lead Jennifer Hale. So when given the opportunity to chat with her one-on-one at PAX, I jumped at the chance.

We covered a wide range of topics, from how she assumes the steely demeanor of Commander Shepard to the differences between playing Shepard and playing more linear roles like Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear Solid 4. And of course, I ask her what she really thinks of the nickname "FemShep."

Whether you play FemShep or BroShep, there's no denying that Ms. Hale is one dang cool lady. And that she has some totally awesome hair.


    Jennifer Hale is awesome. Had a much longer comment, but figured those four words sum it up nicely. :D

    Great interview.

    Managed to track down Bissell's interview yesterday, it really is a great read.

    I play soldier Broshep... wanna know why?

    When i first got ME1 I thought 'I'll just quickly load it to check it works ok' and therefore selected all the default character options (because this was the quickest way in). Got so drawn into the game within the first 2 minutes, my 'quick check' turned into a multi hour play session, and I've carried that Shep all thru the game and the sequel too!

      Same here.

      My friends even thought I'd play a Bio (have a tendency for magic-users) but quite enjoy playing the straight up soldier boy / survivor. Sort of anti-hero style which is basically paragon with just the right amount of renegade to keep it fun. ;)

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