What If Devil May Cry Isn’t As Different As You Thought?

What If Devil May Cry Isn’t As Different As You Thought?

When DMC: Devil May Cry was first unveiled, all people could see (and react to, and shriek in horror at) was the lithe, sad-panda appearance of the series’ protagonist, Dante. And they haven’t reacted to much since.

Perhaps it’s because we’re simply used to it now, but checking out DMC at Gamescom earlier today, I stopped noticing Dante’s black hair and started noticing the game. And how it looked exactly as you’d expect given its heritage: a Devil May Cry game with Ninja Theory’s colour palette.

Sadly, the event didn’t allow for hands-on play with the game, but from what we saw in a live gameplay demonstration things were looking as Devil May Cry as they could be. Fluid player movement (and animation), acrobatic combat, corpse juggling, it was all there.

What was also there was platforming. Serious, jumping and swinging platforming. To break up the action between fights, there’s a feature in the game in which at certain points the levels themselves try and kill you. They do this by acting like Inception in reverse, in that they warp, twist, crack, move and slide all over the place creating chasms in one second and trash compacters the next.

To get around this Dante had to jump, double-jump and sometimes even use a grappling hook/rope to save his skin. Series purists may baulk at this, but as far as ideas go to break up the monotony of constant combat, it seems like one of the better ones I’ve seen lately, especially as the effects of the level tearing itself apart looked wonderful.

Some things weren’t quite as wonderful. While Ninja Theory’s love of colour and animation were evident in the centre of the screen, at the edges (and on inanimate objects) the polygon count and quality of effects dropped to concerningly low levels. Here’s hoping that’s just something being left until later in the game’s development to be cleaned up.


  • The biggest problem is still that changing of an established character. I’m not going to deny that the game looks good and the combat looks like it’s not a complete failure. If Capcom/Ninja Theory had just said “Here’s a Devil May Cry game, and we’re going to try a new protagonist again.” there would have been no where near as much out cry.

    But to take a well established character that has had 4 games plus cameos in others, and a manga+anime series to his name, not to mention has built a very solid fan base, and then change him in almost every way but gender, of course people are going to be mad.

  • Honestly don’t understand the issue of making a new Dante. The old one had no significant personality traits that make him worth using again. I don’t even remember what the point of him appearing in 4 was.

    I’m totally for this. I like the Britpunk look and the new mythology they’ve established for the character. If anything, the gameplay is looking a bit old, but we’ll get a better look soon I’m sure.

    • So what you’re saying is, “I didn’t like the old character, and I do like the new one, so why are you all complaining”? I hate the eurotrash look, and even if old Dante wasn’t anything special, still miles better than some gangly hipster.

      • Not at all, I loved Dante in one, two, and three, but by this point we’ve explored just about as much as we can of his personality. His role in 4 wasn’t significant to his growth as a character and I didn’t find him interesting at all. What’s the point of bringing him out again if they don’t have anything for him?
        In an industry dominated in the mainstream by sequels and spin offs, why is it so terrible to bring in something new? The main complaint people seem to be making is that this new Dante isn’t the old one, but that’s exactly the point. Can we at least wait til we play it before we derail it?

  • @ things were looking as Devil May Cry as they could be

    seriously? the 2 different stances sounds more Heavenly Sword than Devil May Cry.

  • The visual design isn’t the main problem.. I mean it’s a HUGE problem because honestly what does it say when the lead developer takes a popular character and inserts himself into his backstory, but that’s not the main issue.

    The main issue is that anyone who REALLY plays DMC games – and I mean plays, not just picks up for 10 hours to beat on normal then shelves it – can tell at a glance the combat design is crap.

    In the trailers we saw the generic air-to-ground circular AoE stomp. This is bad because these kind of moves are far too generous, and part of good action game design is not giving you a move that is good in every situation so that you’re forced to learn the various uses of your moves. Y’know. The opposite of God of War and Ninja Gaiden.

    We saw Dante flinging cars with his scythe. This is bad because it’s a move that can only be done when there are cars nearby, which is one less move at your disposal when there are not. Less variety, bad.

    We’re also yet to see any of the elements that ACTUALLY made DMC unique. No, I don’t mean Stinger and High Time, I mean jump cancelling, trickster’s airdashes and teleports, or any actual unique weapons. No exploding energy swords, bat-shooting guitars or rhythmically-timed lighter fluid coated swords here.

    tl;dr: This may look like DMC to the plebs but anyone who’s heard of True Style Tournament isn’t buying it. This is a lot of steps backwards, not that that surprises me given Ninja Gaiden is to DMC as Smash Bros is to Street Fighter.

  • P.S. DmC Movie announced based on this crap. Edward Collins could be acting as Emo crack loving dick sucking crapcum guzzling “Dante” thanks alot DmC reboot supporters you released hell on all REAL fans and became our demons to hunt down. RIP

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