What Will Your Gotham City Impostor Look Like?

Why play the Batman or Joker when you can create your own? Check out the ridiculous customisation options that will be available in the downloadable online multiplayer shooter Gotham City Imposters.

When opposing street gangs take up the mantle of Gotham City's Dark Knight or Clown Prince of Crime, insanity ensues. Imposters will let players create their own cheesy costume and arm themselves with the sort of gadgets Bruce Wayne would come up with if he lived in a trailer park instead of stately Wayne Manor.

I mean come on, who hasn't wanted to strap springs onto their feet and bounce around? Maybe not into a bear trap, but hey, you take the good with the incredibly painful, and then you get shot in the face by a clown.

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    This game looks f**king stupid. Its a shame to the batman name.

      Not Grimdark Knight enough for you?

      Yeah, that's kind of a short-sighted comment. Is the 60s Batman TV show also a shame to the Batman name? What about the bright and colourful (and awesome) Batman: Brave and the Bold animated show?

      Batman exists in many forms, and hasn't always been like the Nolan-verse that we know now. I mean, there are multiple stories about what happens when people want to take up the mantle of 'Batman' (including a sub-plot in the Dark Knight). This game just takes that concept and runs in another direction with it.

      Personally, I'm a pretty big Batman fan, and I think it looks like fun. If it plays well, I'll be all over it.

    I think it looks highly entertaining, at least it's not another me-too realism shooter.

    meh. just call it team fortress 2 and be done with it.

    But will Batman lead the gang on horseback?

    Will there be a Bat-tank?

    Will Selina Kyle run a cathouse where all the girls dress as Wonder Woman?

    These are things I must know.

      Yeah, it does seem reminiscent of DKR. Except, you know, without the darkness.

      Anyway, this just seems like Battlefield Heroes with Batman branding. I get that Batman's been bright and happy before, but this doesn't even seem like Batman.

    Also... that map didn't look particularly "Gotham-y" to me... hrrmmmm :-/

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