What’s In Store

What’s In Store

What’s In StoreThis is What’s in-store, where we take a regular look at the latest releases, and price match them across the three major specialist retailers in Australia. Who’s the cheapest this week?

NOTE: These are the prices as of today. If you guys have spotted any other deals, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we’ll update accordingly!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 GAME: $98 (360/PS3) $88 (PC) EB: $119.95 (360/PS3) $99.5 (PC) JB Hifi: $119.95 (360/PS3) $100 (PC)

Battlefield 3 GAME: $98 (360/PS3) $78 (PC) EB: $109.95 (360/PS3) $89.95 (PC) JB Hifi: $109.95 (360/PS3/PC)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution GAME: $98 (360/PS3) $78 (PC) EB: $99.95 (360/PS3) $79.95 (PC) JB Hifi: $99 (360/PS3) $79 (PC)

Resistance 3 GAME: $78 (PS3) EB: $99.95 (PS3) JB Hifi: $79.95 (PS3)

Dead Island GAME: $98 (360/PS3) EB: $109.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $109 (360/PS3)

Duke Nukem Forever GAME: $68 (360/PS3) $64 (PC) EB: $68 (360/PS3/PC) JB Hifi: $69 (360/PS3)

DiRT 3 GAME: $78 (360/PS3) EB: $79.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $79 (360/PS3)

Call of Duty: Black Ops GAME: $74 (360/PS3) EB: $95.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $89.95 (360/PS3)

Homefront GAME: $48 (360/PS3) EB: $54.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $79

FIFA 11 GAME: $34 (360/PS3) EB: $39.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $59 (360/PS3)

Red Dead Redemption GAME: $38 (360/PS3) EB: $36 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $39 (360/PS3)


  • GAME – Dead Island $98 (Preorder = Free Afterglow Controller)

    Pretty decent offer.

    As for *Instore* deals GAME are smashing it.
    JB and EB Used to be cheaper, But seem to be loosing their reigns lately.

    • Yep, I preordered this yesterday and traded some games towards it.

      GAME are currently doing +55% trade value towards preorders too, so I got $54 for Duke Nukem towards Dead Island.

  • $80 for Deus Ex PC edition?
    I just preordered the Augmented Edition last night from Ozgameshop for $50…
    (which includes art book, sound track, extra DVD, extra mission and all these in game items)

  • Interesting. Now I’ll just wait for the first week of release and pick up any and all of the new releases for 64 – 78 bucks from either JB or GAME seeing as they ALWAYS do it now…

  • It’d be interesting to see an analysis of the additional price console owners pay to the platform manufacturor for each and every game they buy. The figures above suggest it’s $10-$20 each game.

    • its currently 50 USD, same as the US, so get it while you can.

      Also Red orchastra 2 is on steam for 35 USD, and there is a current low voilence problem, but its not confirmed just valve putting there until they can remove it, but if dead island doesn’t then red orchastra 2 wont.

      Also is it me but are SCE titles getting cheaper?, my guess is SONY is the only one trying to reduce retail price here in Australia, Infamous 2 was 79 dollars, 30 dollars less than RRP. And resistance is the same.

  • Sykim and Rage preorders on Steam have added the $30USD tax for the Australian Store! just farkin’ incrediable!

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