When GLaDOS Asks You To Marry Someone, You Say Yes

When GLaDOS Asks You To Marry Someone, You Say Yes

Gary Hudston commissioned three spectacular custom-built Portal 2 levels complete with fresh dialogue from the voice of GLaDOS, Ellen Mclain, just to ask his girlfriend to marry him. After watching the glorious spectacle unfold, I’m ready to marry the guy.

Over the course of this three-level marathon of pre-marital proportions, GLaDOS manages to find a way to melt our hearts without, you know, actually melting our hearts. Sadly there’s no reaction video of Stephanie playing through the level, but I’d imagine there were happy tears shed and possibly the odd enthusiastic squeak.

Because that’s what came through on my end. Shut up.

The Gary Hudston Project (Portal 2 Engagement) [YouTube — Thanks Raul!]


  • You know, I’m starting to think my husband’s proposal was so lame I should have said ‘No’ until he came up with something awesome like these game-proposals we keep seeing. 😛

      • Wouldn’t have worked for mine. She can’t play first person games to save her life. Instead I organised a medieval fancy dress birthday party with us as the prince and princess then did the whole down on one knee thing in front of our families and friends. If thats not enough then don’t get married you’ll just ruin his life with your unfulfillable never ending demands.

        • Huh. I just got taken out to the back yard in the middle of winter. Yep, I should really have said “Not yet, try again!” 😛

    • This. The sheer brilliance of this proposal would be completely lost on my significant other, unless it was an Angry Birds level :/

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