When Gundam Meets Professor Layton

Well, Professor Layton's creator, that is. Level-5 honcho Akihiro Hino is penning the new Gundam cartoon series, Mobile Suit Gundam Age.

Since Hino is known for his talky games like Professor Layton, there was a rumour that the Gundam in Age would actually talk. Hino called this a "misunderstanding", and he added that the mecha would not talk, but the series would be kid friendly—a smart move that will hopefully win over a new generation of Gundam fans.

Mobile Suit Gundam Age begins airing in Japan this October. To be honest, I hate Level-5's Inazuma Eleven with the fire of a thousand burning suns (it's so stupid!), but Age could be fun. Lotsa fun.


    TBH a kid friendly gundam is in the wrong direction >.< i want more universal century rather then this digimonXgundamXpokemon

    Can't we have both? Do a kid friendly one, and do a grimdark one? 00 had suuuuch promise, but S2 was awful.

      Really? I didnt mind S2, although I did feel its pacing was way too fast for how much story they were trying to tell.

      Sadly, Awakening of the trail blazer was god awful :(

      Well, there's still another Unicorn OVA to come out, so that's something...

    gundam isnt gundam without hino killing off main characters you get attached too

    Title promised so much.

    I was saddened with what it actually was.

    Another Gundam? They've got so many now that if a cat gets stuck up a tree, they just send a Gundam for it.

    Inazuma 11 is one of the most awesome DS games around. If you haven't played it do!! I have spent 50+ hours in that and many more to come.

    I will add though it helps to have seen at least the first few episodes of the anime.

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