While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun — necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping — game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution — While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened... while you were sleeping.

Again last night's news was dominated by gamescom stuff again, but we did get some cool news on a number of fronts. Perhaps the most pertinent is the fact that Modern Warfare 3 will have dedicated servers on PC.

This is brilliant - Notch, the creator of Minecraft has just gotten back from his honeymoon. Lief is peachy but for one thing - a pesky lawsuit from Bethesda asking that he change the name of his new game 'Scrolls'. Notch doesn't want to, and he wants to settle it the old fashioned way - with a game of Quake!

Apparently 'canon' Femshep doesn't have to be blonde - BioWare are doing another vote. Find out what it's like to play as Altair again, and what did Gabe Newell say to those Half Life 3 protesters?

In Short Modern Warfare 3 Gets Dedicated Servers On PC That's A Great Thing For Competitive Play Assassin's Creed Revelations Gamescom Trailer Reminds Us What It's Like To Play As Altair You Picked Femsheps Look, Now Pick Her Hair Colour What Did Gabe Newell Say To The Half Life 3 Protesters Minecraft Creator Wants To Settle Elder Scrolls Fight With Quake Match


    What bout Skyrim being confirmed as a Steamworks game?

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