Why Japan Is The Only Country That Adores Monster Hunter

Why Japan Is The Only Country That Adores Monster Hunter

Q Entertainment makes very pretty games like Lumines and Child of Eden. Games that are nothing at all like Monster Hunter. At the very least, he does walk the walk.


  • This guy is correct – but as a non-Japanese person that understands Monster Hunter, that payoff is so very satisfying when it comes. I don’t know many other games that’ve ever given me that same sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

    Sure you get improved weapons and armor, but the rest is up to you – you have the skill to drop said monster, or you die.

    • It’s a combination of both the min-max hardcore gameplay as well as the grindiness of it all. It’s a problem where obscure drops and insane RNG mechanics alienate most audiences, because they’re aimed at the masochistic 100% completion Japanese market.

      There are plenty of Western games that require just as much commitment, skill and time eg WoW. The difference is that many Japanese devs consider the grind as an integral component of gameplay, whereas Western devs are increasingly trying to ease the friction associated with it.

      • Um.


        Most of Monster Hunter’s drops are highly generous. The rarest-of-the-rare average at 10%. That’s far more generous than the rarer things in WoW (cough Warblades of Azzinoth) even if you assumed that you were going to be given said item before the 24 other people who want it.

        Don’t try to flower it up; most Westerners hate MH because it’s hard and they suck at games.

        • No. Not at all. The rarest items usually have a much lower drop rate than that. 10% is not a rare item. Plates have a 1% drop. most jewels have about 2-4%. 10% is a fairly common item. Also, you can hardly compare a legendary drop in WoW to a rare carve in MH. Legendaries are supposed to be extremely rare, because not every single person on the face of the planet is supposed to have one.
          Most westerners don’t like the game because of the exact reason it says at the top. The game takes a while to get good. It has little to nothing to do with skill, considering a majority of people stop playing the game long before it requires any level of skill.

  • I love the monster hunter series!
    I never really got into the wii one because 10 hours in i lost my save file:( And i couldnt even FATHOM the thought of doing those hours again…i just could not.
    If they made one for the 3ds, it would sell HUGE in japan and probably bump up the sales a shit tonne.

  • One of the most satisfying moments for in gaming EVER, was killing my first Tigrex all by myself, followed closely by slaying my first Black Gravios.

    A lot of people don’t have a long enough attention span to play MonsterHunter, which is a damn shame, because ‘Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite’ is fantastic. I got just over 200 hours easily, and that was just the main quests.

    Also people bitch about it being too hard, which it’s not, though I only played Freedom 2 and Unite, and just heard horror stories about the earlier ones.

    • Tigrex was my first major win too – got stuck on that bastard for a couple of days. Then, when I finally found the patience to wait out his rages, I dropped him super quick – I think I yelled and danced a jig, literally.

    • Its not hard so much as boring. Its essentially a game about grinding, with absolutely no payoff other than having better gear.

      Though I do like the big monster boss fights, they are cool. Just not enough to bother with the game honestly though.

      • The boss fights? You mean the entire game? Because after the initial quests every single fight is a huge boss? Also the fact that if you’re playing well you do not need to do a single quest more than once until the absolute highest difficulty?

        It sounds like you played it for about an hour.

  • Love the MonHun series…I remember the first time I put my hands on it…
    6 years down the track and I still love the series…
    the satisfaction of capturing a Tigrex or Rathalos…
    or the insanity of 4 player co-op the series has always provided

  • The reason that Monster Hunter hasn’t been successful outside of Japan is because it’s the only country with such a rich and open wifi environment for the game to operate in.

  • You don’t need instant gratification to make a good game (in fact, it’s the reason why CoD is so popular and why headshot weapons in Halo are so overpowered) but you can’t put up with a boring game for an extended period of time before it will get any good.

    One main defense for FF13 is that after the 25 hour long tutorial the game becomes a lot better. Now what are the odds that someone will willingly put up with a game they’re not enjoying for 25 hours just to risk the chance of the game getting better?

  • I LOVE Monster Hunter! It’s effing awesome!

    The only reason it hasn’t taken off here is because it hasn’t been promoted as much, the games were released on PSP and Wii, two consoles not used by core gamers as much. (arguably, I reckon PSP is awesome, but it’s not huge here)

    They make a PS3 Monster Hunter and release it here and it’ll take off.

    I might go back to playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd right now actually lol.

    • The reason I love Tri more than all the other games is the simple ease with which you can play with others.
      I just tried adHoc party the other night, (and haven’t had any success with xlink kai at all) and it’s almost insufferable how much more difficult it is to play with strangers and have them co-operate before the various connection issues.
      I think it’s the most stupid thing they could possibly do, to release any more Monster Hunter games without integrated online play.

  • I play Tri online almost every weekend, just moved into High Rank stuff.
    These games feel like they’re more about skill than most other games, you can have the most powerful weapon and best armour but without the skill to use all that you probably won’t even fell a Great Jaggi.

    • Pffff. You can kill a great jaggi in like 30 hits. I killed a Bulldrome in 15 seconds online yesterday. We just owned it lol.

  • Wow… the comments on this article have made me really want to try Monster Hunter, actually.
    Is it hard to get a hold of a copy of the Wii version these days?

    • I doubt it…I still see a copy of the limited version that comes with the black wired controller in stores now and then.

    • The Wii one is great. If you can understand Japanese, MHP3 on PSP is the Wii Game with like 10 new monsters and a tonne of new features (such as the removal of underwater combat), but MH3 on the Wii is an absolutely fantastic game.

      Make sure you have a classic controller!

    • For your own sake, do some research before you buy anything; the Wii version of Monster Hunter has less than half as many monsters, and 4 removed weapon classes, compared to the PSP ‘predecessor’. It also only has two difficulty levels compared to three, and iirc one of those difficulty levels is online-only. Which is especially problematic since MH3 recently reduced its number of online servers and, like MH1 and 2, will lose its online functionality eventually due to Capcom no longer hosting servers.

      tl;dr: The Wii version is terrible, the PSP version is better in pretty much every possible way.

  • Never has a game been described so perfectly by it’s title. Monster Hunter is a classic video game in every sense of the medium. There’s a series of gameplay mechanics, a game world, and a task. Everything else is up to you. And the lack of some poorly written grandiose narrative means you can pick it up and put it down any time you want. It never feels like a grind, it never gets stale.

  • I’ve got Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my psp memory card and I was having a lot of fun with it but then suddenly I felt like I hit a wall. I’m not strong enough to do the next hunting quests and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do next to ‘progress’ or ‘get stronger’ or… anything. I just keep doing old quests over again to try and build up some better equipment but ultimately quit for a few months out of frustration before I pick it back up again…

    I’ve got just over 14 hours in and I’ve killed at least one Tigrex that I’m sure of (multiple times by now) and I’m prolly about halfway through the ‘two star’ quests from the old lady near the fire-pit

    any helpful tips? I feel like I’m missing something or just doing something wrong and I’m gonna feel like a moron when I figure it out finally…

    Like cooking meat on the BBQ spit? yeah, totally took me till about hour 10 before I finally realized how to actually do that properly 😛

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