Will You Open Silent Hill: Book Of Memories? (Hrm, Maybe Not)

Will You Open Silent Hill: Book Of Memories? (Hrm, Maybe Not)

And more importantly, will they be good memories? Or bad ones.

Headed for the PS Vita, Silent Hill: Book of Memories isn’t your mother’s Silent Hill game. It’s multiplayer. It exits outside the main cannon. And, well, it’s got an overhead isometric view, which doesn’t sound scary. And it’s multiplayer, which could be scary if you’re playing with dicks.

The game features character creation as well as melee combat and guns. Did I mention it’s multiplayer?

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is headed for the PS Vita in early 2012. That’s next year!


  • I want a new Silent Hill game on the Vita(I’m a portable gamer and a Silent Hill fanatic) but the details on the game are really iffy. Forget about scares, Silent Hill games never scare me. I just hope they get the atmosphere right and use proper music to go along with the game, and that the RPG elements don’t ruin it.

  • Interesting that it’s called “Book of Memories” and yet appears to resemble no actual memories that anyone has of any Silent Hill games? 😛

    Can’t tell for sure until we see it, but it doesn’t really sound like a ‘Silent Hill’ yet…

  • these past Silent Hill games (maybe after SH:The Room) became really, well how do i say this, not that good..

    theyre good games in their own right but not comparable to the original SH’s the ones from team silent..

    Shattered Memories is not that bad, great story and twist its a good thing they made it clear its a re-imagining of the first one ’cause if they said its an updated version of SH1 it is definetly crap

    im still crossing my fingers on Downpour but at the same time i wont be suprised if doesnt hold a candle against team silent’s SH games..

    in another note ive heard about this SH multiplayer..i think its a road that shouldnt be travelled especially for the SH series, really?do we really need this game?

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