Winter Is Coming In These Game Of Thrones: Genesis Screens

We've got some new screens from Cyanide's upcoming PC Strategy game Game of Thrones: Genesis. (Some of these screens have been around a little while, but I figured I'd throw them in there as well).

These shots might not look too remarkable, but that's the thing about Game of Thrones—the devil's in the details.The game's full title might have some Sega/90's band/anime baggage, but any game that lets players stage huge battles in Westeros sounds like a winner.

I wonder if it'll will have either a Tyrion-insult minigame or more realistically, the option to stage a Direwolf-aided ambush in the Whispering Wood.

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    I was hoping for a Dragon Age style RPG with the title "Thrones" it already being a game and all...

    How is taking a series of novels with an epic plot of deceipt and intrigue etc and then putting into the least plot-driven genre with rather outdated graphics a good idea?

    Seriously who at Cyanide green-lit this project?

      I dunno, I was sceptical at first, but I think RTS would be a good fit for an ASOIAF game. There's a lot of battle strategy in the second book. There's also a Game of Thrones board game which sounds similar. Granted, the events of the game are based long before the events of the book, but still.

      But I'm totally with you on the graphics. They're very dated, and the whole visual style seems horribly rushed and generic. Is the second screenshot meant to be the Red Keep? Blergh.

        Only the second book has anything remotely resembling an RTS. It seems a poor fit to me, especially considering how much trouble GRRM goes to, to avoid focusing on battles. The later books in particular go out of their way to shoot down all the medieval battle tropes and stereotypes.

        *I would buy this game if it included the Book 4 tactic of smearing your archers' arrows in shit and aiming at the enemy commander hoping he'd die from infection.

    sigh....looks terrible :(

    This looks horrible. Not even close to what that series/story deserves

    Are they going to stay true to the books and tv show and use sex scenes to sell this too? they'd have to, otherwise it'll be totally unrelated, they've really backed themselves into a corner here, rofl.
    (I have not read the books nor watched the tv show, but no one can escape the facts)

      A whoring minigame may just redeem this game.

      FYI, the infamous 'HBO sexposition' is almost exclusively a television feature. While sex was indeed a large element in the books, it wasn't ever brought to the forefront like it was in the show.

    Id like to see a Game Of Thrones RPG.
    Ala oblivion style.

      Me too. That's pretty much always in the back of my head whenever I'm reading one of the novels. Skyrim mod?

      This was what I was going to say... as it stands we'll just have to pretend Dragon Age: Origins is 'Game of Thrones: Take the Black: the Game' ;-P

      That's basically what it is, anyways

    looks very Cyanide ala Blood Bowl

    all the wishing in the world wont make a beloved IP become a polished product via that development studio

    Wow, this looks shoddy.

    How about a one-on-one fighting game? You argue with your opponent for a awhile, then the game cuts away from the actual fight while a paragraph of text describes the epic throwdown and/or awkwardly worded sex scene?

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