Woman Drives Over Boyfriend Because He 'Cheated Her At A Computer Game'

Love hurts. Sometimes video games can hurt more. In 2009 a UK woman, Erin Slingsby, 20, had a heated argument with her boyfriend, Kane Charles, 20, over a computer game, an argument that ended in her storming out.

Charles stood in front of her car to prevent her from driving away when Slingsby mowed him down, police say. As he staggered to his feet, Slingsby spun the car around and hit him for a second time the court was told. The next thing he knew he was in a hospital. Charles now suffers from memory loss, impaired concentration, mood swings, headaches and dizzy spells. After a year of denying involvement, Slingsby admitted to her crime and plead guilty to dangerous driving. She was sentenced to 11 months in a young offenders institution, as well as a two-year restraining order banning her from making contact with Charles and a three-year driving ban. We a Kotaku know games can get pretty heated, but let's keep the violence against zombies, not loved ones.

Woman mowed down boyfriend and left him with fractured skull after accusing him of cheating at a computer game[Daily News]


    Wow, 11 months? Is that all?

    She is obviously mentally ill and should spend the rest of her days under the care of a mental facility.

    Crazies like this just shouldn't be allowed to be a part of society.

      Really, Switch? The woman has a moment of loss of rationality and you want to lock her up for the rest of her days in an asylum? Real compassionate.

      If I'd been locked away everytime I had a psychotic break I'd be in for several consecutive life sentences.

      I'm also going to go ahead and take offense to 'crazies' too.

      But I won't deny she needs help, but using taxes to lock her away isn't the way to do it.

        "moment of loss rationality" really isn't an excuse.

        people who take out a gun and shoot someone also use the excuse of "moment of loss rationality"

        sorry but that doesn't cut it. She is lucky she didnt kill anyone...yet. She needs professional help before she does. You're right, not an asylum maybe, but definitely some sort of mental aid is needed.

        "loss of rationality"?
        Intentionally driving into someone takes pre-meditation. To turn back and hit them a second time is an attempt at serious injury/murder.

        In the event of his death (from injuries)... she would have been charged with either murder/manslaughter.

        "11 months in a young offenders institution" is a VERY LIGHT PUNISHMENT.

        "Charles now suffers from memory loss, impaired concentration, mood swings, headaches and dizzy spells."
        This guys joy of life has now been handy-capped and all she got was a slap on the wrist. Punishment did not fit the crime.

        She doesn't need to be locked up for life... but she needs to be severely punished for intentionally (not loss of rationality) causing serious bodily harm and degrading the quality of life for a young man - for the rest of his years.

          Premeditation means she planned it from the beginning. it's a very light sentence and im actually curious as to what game they were playing to get her so angry like that :/

            probably ninja'ed her WoW loot :/

          Agreed. She shouldn't be locked up forever, and she isn't a crazy, but the fact that she not only ran him down but then turned around and tried to kill him. Definitely 11 months is too light.

        Why do people think "asylums" are bad? They arent like they are in horror movies guys... they are institutions set up to HELP mentally ill people... they arent there to torment patients. Granted, some asylums are more violent than others (dealing with the criminally insane), but most of the time psychiatry can help these sorts of people.

        Its a pretty lax penalty though, considering this guy is now permanently impaired. It seems extreme she would run him down TWICE over a video game argument. That is not normal behaviour at all.

        Not to mention that the symptoms the guy was left with speak of brain damage. That will be with him for the rest of his life. Why shouldn't her have to deal with the consequences for the rest of her life too?

    "HAXXX!", with that out of my system, I think going a second time at him goes way over dangerous driving and more to attempted murder.

    The initial hit was dangerous driving, the second sounds more like attempted murder

    So what this article is saying is "A computer game caused a young woman to be violent". Right?

      Nah, I just think it was about the fact that some people are homicidal nut cases when the mood takes them. Creepy chick :S

    I guess their argument over Carmageddon was settled quickly then.

    So for the rest of his life he has all these impairments and she gets 11 months and a slap on the wrist? thats bullshit

    They were far too soft on her. firstly she's 20, she's not a juvenile. Secondly a 3 year ban for driving? No. Make that a lifetime ban. I just hope her memory addled ex-boyfriend doesn't suffer from her coming up in a couple years and pretending like nothing happened.

    Bloody UK. This is one of the reasons I want to get out of here (lives in the UK).

    Yep, driving over once is inexcusable. Twice is attempted murder (not that once isn't attempted murder, but twice definitely is).

    I was told the other day about a guy who sexually assaulted two 13 year-olds but, since he was 17, only got a 4-month sentence a year after the incident.

    TBH, I'm surprised there aren't more comments on here speculating as to what the game might have been that got her so worked up. It doesn't exactly sound like he was just screen cheating or something.

    UK, your judges continue to make me violently ill.

    I don't see forced to take anger management classes listed... that should be the first thing ordered (hopefully it was and not listed)
    And for all of you talking about a lifetime ban of driving: you realize that doesn't resolve, or even address the issue, right?

    I bet they were playing HL2DM and she accused him of "HAXXX!"

    I'm surprised she had a boyfriend, I wouldn't hit that with a baseball bat.

    She should be lucky being fat and ugly isn't a crime otherwise she would have got life and been ordered to wear a hessian bag over her head in case a paper bag broke.

    Disgraceful. Mowing someone down, then doubling back to hit them again, causing severe and permanent damage. How this didn't score her 10+10 consecutive for attempted murder and aggravated assault is beyond me.

    Even assuming it was a "momentary lapse of judgement," SHE INTENTIONALLY HIT SOMEONE WITH A CAR TWICE. She's a danger to herself and, much more importantly at this stage, others, and shouldn't be allowed in public until a goddamn /board/ of psychologists is unanimously convinced she's had some sense crammed down her throat.

    Y'know. Instead of just cheeseburgers.

    But where's the Gaming Ban?

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