World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Comes Full Circle

World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Comes Full Circle

Soon hardened World of Warcraft players will have a chance to take on Deathwing in a Cataclysm-shaking end fight.

The Deathwing battle will come in a soon-to-be released patch for the Cataclysm expansion which includes three new five-player dungeons, a new raid and some cool new Ethereal-powered abilities.

The biggest tweak coming with patch 4.3 is the Ethereal ability to transmogrify a players armour.

Starting with the patch, players will be able to choose their favourite-looking armour and the armour that the like the stats of best and combine them into a single set.

“We have a wealth of armour sets we created that people no longer use,” said Tom Chilton, lead World of Warcraft game designer.

Worse still, Chilton said, as players start to top out they being to look very similar because many players seem to stick to the high level, epic gear.

The hope is that players will use transmogrification not just to mix and max their favourite armour, but that this new ability will encourage some players to go back through the game on the hunt for some of the armour they may have passed up because it was under-powered.

To transmogrify a piece of armour it has to be the same type (cloth, leather, mail, plate) and stay within the class. Players just take it to an ethereal who has set up shop in town and they transmogrify the two pieces into one.

Chilton said Blizzard hadn’t added the ability before now because it comes with a shifting philosophy about how the company views their game. It used to be that high level characters looked like high level characters, he said. It was a point of distinction, but as more and more players have topped out it’s become sort of the opposite and too many players look the same.

Another addition coming with the patch is Void Storage, a new 100 to 150 slots. Like transmogrification, void storage comes from the ethereals. Void storage is a pocket dimension created for a player that allows them to store extra items, but there is a downside.

Anything stored in the void is stripped of its enchantments and gems and the name of the person who crafted it, Chilton said. That’s not a stripped tied to the lore of the game, rather a technical issue that makes this new storage system possible in the game.

Finally, Chilton and Chris Metzen, vice president of creative development at Blizzard, explained a new feature coming with the patch called Raid Finder. The raid finder essentially operates like a dungeon finder, automating the search for fellow players on the hunt for a good raiding party. It will be built into the game’s updated user interface when the patch hits, they said.

The bulk of the patch, though, will be a lot new content, Chilton said.

“it has a whole bunch of content,” he said, “three dungeons for five player instances and a new raid instance culminating in the Deathwing fight.”

This will be the last patch that includes new raid content for The Cataclysm expansion, Chilton said. But there will be another expansion, he added, he’s just not ready to talk about it yet.


  • Obviously a reaction to the dwindling subscriber base… Which is a shame, because with the exception of easy raid content Cata has been a freaking amazing expansion in terms of making the game actually fun to play.

    Can’t say I’m surprised that falling userbase is coinciding with the game finally becoming good. People have no taste.

    • >> making the game actually fun to play.


      I’d be even more cynical: they held back on the good gameplay ideas because they knew that “good enough” was easy/cheap to implement and people would still keep buying. Kinda like how super-efficient internal-combustion engine designs exist, but aren’t used because what we have now is “good enough”

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