World Of Warcraft' Transmogrification In Action


    Hah. Its funny they been showing this off this exact same feature in the GW2 demos for a few months now.

      i don't find it funny.

      you mean like a wardrobe feature? like a few other games before GW2?

      a new feature to a game is a new feature to a game..

      doesn't mean it is actually a 'new' and revolutionary feature.

        except its a direct clone of GW2s system... unlike "wardrobes" and DConline's system that is slightly different.

    This is the exact reason I hung onto my Tier 10 heroic armor. It was pretty much the greatest DK armor set ever made. Plus, now I can constantly be wielding Shadowmourne or Thunderfury :D

    So they finally implement this idea about 4 years after people started constantly asking for it? Fair enough. Also when's the patch to fix PvP so skill > gear just like it was back in the Vanilla days?

      whaooo whaooo hold up there mate... you cant go making skill be more important than gear.... how will people know that your good at the game!?!?!? dont you know you need to have a good ilvl to be good at the game... shame on you for even suggesting such blasphemy!!!


        Please accept my most humble apologies, sir. I don't know what came over me to make me say such rash things.

    If only I hadn't given up on holding onto old sets. At least my druid still has his t1/t2 though but most of the others vendortrashed them. XD

    Hurray for my T3 and T6 druid armours! :D

    Also my friend will be over the moon he can wear his Judgment Set

    LotRO's had this for years. About time Blizzard did catch up. What next? Player housing? Music recitals in Stormwind?

      Player housing has only been on the list since launch... Give them another 4 years.

    So basically anyone who wants to look cool doesn't have to strive to get the good looking stuff...
    Or is it you have to of obtained it to wear it?

      I believe that like other games with the wardrobe feature you have to actually be in possession of the gear.

      You have to actually possess the item. Mesh them together at the vendor and voila! you transferred you stats.

    If I still played I could see I would end up using some of my item restorations to get this done... SO many items look like crap these days.

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