Would You Like A New PS3 HDMI Cable?

Would You Like A New PS3 HDMI Cable?

Because that’s exactly what you’re getting! In Japan, Sony’s launching a new HDMI cable September 8. According to the official press release, the 2.0m high-speed HDMI cable is priced at ¥1,800 is ideal for 3D movie and gaming.


  • I was under the impression that the difference between one HDMI cable and another was that you could charge ten times as much for one without any justifiable reason and make a fortune of poor suckers (like me before I did the research), exhibit A: Monster HDMI cables, probably the biggest scam since pyramid schemes.

    Claims of enhanced picture performance and quality are a complete sham, unproven in numerous independent tests. Sony have no doubt cottoned on to the fact you can charge $25 (AUD) for a cable that costs about 50 cents to make and people will buy it, or at least have it pushed on them by Harvey Norman staff.

    • $25 is not unreasonable for a cable that is guaranteed to work under 1.4a conditions. I have seen many people use cheap 50 cents cables only to have wasted their time because of incompatibility with high bandwidth audio or static due to poor soldering.

      So yeah you save lot of money with cheap cables but are you really willing to wait a few weeks to get it shipped from Hong Kong, with the off chance it might be faulty or not even 1.4a compatible. $25 isn’t exactly crazy money to spend, especially when you have a $3000 TV and you just want it to “work” as it should.

      • Let’s clear some of the smoke here…

        1. It’s a digital signal. There is no ‘static’.
        2. Cables aren’t soldered. Poorly made cables with manufacturing defects will cease to work.
        3. HDMI has supported 3D since 1.3a (released in 2006).
        4. 1.4 doesn’t increase audio or video bandwidth.

      • It’s not crazy money, but it’s easily double what you could pay for zero benefit. The cheap cables I bought were made in Australia, by a guy running his own start up business. The cables were $10 each and 2 meters long (the monster ones I ignorantly bought at first were $50 each and 1 meter).

        And Sony products don’t exactly have a fault free history.

  • I know it SOUNDS crazy – but cables are made to certain specifications. These include how much a connection standard is supposed to tolerate interference, how much shielding there should be, resistance of each section of the cable etc.
    As more info is passed through the cables and timing critical functions get applied (eg. HD 3D video and audio) the more important it becomes that cables conform to these standards.

    • “HDMI cables can no more be manufactured for specific refresh-rate HDTVs than a garden hose can be manufactured specifically to water seeded lawns and sod lawns. The same water flows through either one.”

  • Wow. How Brian Ashcraft gets away with being employed by this website for writing pointless, useless and ridiculous articles like this I just don’t know.

    • Just be glad he didn’t write another useless “What fetish does Japan have now” or some other equally pointless article.

      • Seriously. This is Kotaku Australia and he has literally written this article based on something only happening in Japan and even posted the price of this new cable in Japanese currency.

        Why do they not just send Bashcraft to Kotaku Japan and get a new writer for Kotaku Australia? I don’t get it. He doesn’t write anything good and 99% of it involves Japan.

        • Is it something to do with us being lumped into the ‘pacific rim’ region. Which I never understood, for a start all our tech is PAL, not NTSC as it is in most of Asia, and we’re about the same distance from Japan as the US is from England.

        • I completely agree, but he posts the same shit on the US Kotaku exactly the same. Then again Kotaku isn’t exactly known for quality journalism.

  • sorry to veer off topic, guys but i got aliens vs predator for a fiver in the weekend, and man was i dissapointed! clunky controls, cliched charaters, dated graphics and an all round underwhelming experience. just needed to have a good moan about it, guys. its strange but i actually feel bettesr now 🙂

    • This is a much better conversation!

      I was pretty guttered about a crap AvP was, especially after the delightfully gory screenshots. The final game was just boring. It wasn’t a patch on the original PC games. Rebellion must have been under the pump to meet a release date.

  • i like reading the whole article in the article preview and not realizing it until I’ve clicked on the link to find nothing more on the subject!

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