Xenoblade Chronicles Gets An Australian Release Date

Nintendo Australia has just announced that Xenoblade Chronicles will get it's Australian release on September 1, and will be packaged with a 'Special Soundtrack' CD.

For a while we were unsure if the game would be released in Australia, especially considering the fact that a release date has still not been announced for US gamers. That said, Australian release schedules usually tie in more tightly to Europe, which is probably why we're getting an official release here in Australia.

The game go on sale at an RRP of $99.95.


    Wait... wasn't this the game that got caught having the cover copied over from IGN?

      I think that was the Wii version of Okami. But yeah... that was hilarious.

        Yeah... you're right, the covers are similar (or at least the colour scheme is)

          Sorry my bad... i am now going off to have a litre of coffee injected into my veins, it might wake me up a little.

          The covers are nothing alike. *epic facepalm*

        I wasn't going to double dip but once that story broke I put in an order immediately. It's on the manual art too. Hilarity.

    Oh crap, I already pre-ordered the UK version (which doesn't come with the red controller, btw).

    Time to dust off my Wii. It's feeling very lonely for a number of months now

    I wanted a red controller...oh well still awesome news.

      I think the red controller was a pre-order bonus for GAME UK only, or some selected retailers. Wait until GAME AU have it up on their website and we may very well get the same bonus from them here.

    This is going to piss off people working on Project Rainfall even more, since now it seems Nintendo is hell bent on releasing said games everywhere but the US.

    Salt in wound much. . .

      Heh screw em they got swtor we deserve something

      Let them cry some more about time they realize they ain't the centre of the universe

        I dunno, it is kinda unfair that Nintendo seem to be going out of there way to avoid the US with games like this especially since (as pointed out in that youtube video) they'd make way more profit releasing it in the US than any other region.

          Well it's a NOA decision, NOE certainly wouldn't make more money out of releasing a game in the states.

      Actually, we've had it pretty good here; we've got quite a few games that never came out in the US, like Disaster: Day of Crisis, and the Wiimake of Pikmin 2. Of course, we've had delays as well, but I'll take 'coming out a couple of weeks later' over 'never coming out'.

        Most of the delays have been more like '6 months to a year later', but your point is still quite valid.

    I'll probably be getting this, if only to encourage more of these types of games in the future.

    It does look like a really nice game anyway.

    $99.95 is a huge retail price. Bit of a ripoff in my opinion, when you can import other JRPG's online for like $50-$60 new.

      Big W et al will have it for ~$78 or whatever they have for new games, or you can import from somewhere like zavvi.

    So definitely not going to include a controller? Was hoping for one :(. Oh well, I still has the monster hunter tri one XD. At least we still get something :).

    $100 is ridiculous, can be imported for $50, $80 with red controller.

    Great news. I will finally have something to play on my Wii again. Here's hoping Pandora's Tower and The Last Story follow.

    Well, OzGameShop's got it for $45. Not paying another $55 just to get the soundtrack.

    Times like this I'm glad I live in Australia...

    Then I remember we get almost nothing from Atlus. =(

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