Yo Dawg, They Heard You Like Humble Indie Bundles...

So they put the Humble Indie Bundle 2, inside the Humble Indie Bundle 3 so you can get more games, while you buy games. For those that don't speak expired-meme, this essentially means that if you buy the latest Humble Indie Bundle, you can get the games in the Humble Indie Bundle 2 for free.

There's only one catch - since the Humble Indie Bundle allows you to essentially pay what you want - to receive the Humble Indie Bundle 2 games, you must pay more than what the average user has been paying up to now. At the moment that means paying at least $5.

But it's barely a catch - the Humble Indie Bundle scheme actually donates money to good causes, in addition to providing gamers with great games at a great cost, in addition to spreading the word abot under appreciated Indie games. Really you can't lose here.

Pay, say $10 - or less if you want - and you can get the following...

-Crayon Physics Deluxe -Cogs -VVVVVV -Hammerfight -And Yet It Moves -Braid -Cortex Command -Machinarium -Osmos -Revenge of the Titans

Yeah - that's good value.


    hahaha awww man, i just posted that in TAY.. lol

    But yeah, to say it's good value is an understatement.

    Anyone who pays under $10 is just a tight arse... at $10 you're even pushing it, but still..

      I only have $8 in my bank account until next week :(

        More than enough to get the bonus games! lol

    And Steel Storm.

    As another little bonus, Machinarium, Osmos and Revenge of the Titans come with their soundtracks as well :)

      And as an even better bonus, Machinarium is an amazing game! :)

    Where would one go to purchase a bundle such as this?


        gentleman, scholar, etc.

        Chuloopa, you showed a great deal of forebearance not posting a "let me google that for you" link...

        Agh, I can't help it: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=humble+bundle&l=1

          Well, McGarnical, Billy is DEAD!

            Hey.. I'm tryin' to eat lunch here!

    Wow. I bought the bundle because it was for charity. Not that interested in the actual games, but now I get Braid and Machinarium, two games I wanted, for free. Awesome sauce.

    I feel speshul for paying $25.

    Too tempting. Solded.

    Interesting to see the average price rise as the cheapskates are moving from a $1 purchase up to a current average price.

    Average price has risen 30 cents in the last 5 hrs. Which for some reason meant I had to get in fast before the price rose, and yet still paid double the average.

    Well this pushed me to getting it, Hammerfight was the only one I didn't have and wasn't overly interested. But with Machinarium as well (and considering I was thinking of buying it on todays steam daily deal) it made it an easy choice.

    That's kinda cool. Except someone already bought me the second one when it came out, baw :P

    Aw man, now that they've done that, I feel obligated to pay more. Oh well, it's for a good cause.

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