You Can Dance If You Want To In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is all about choice, and that includes the choice to dance. Will you dance and leave their friends behind? What if they don't dance? Does that disqualify them from being your friend as well? So many questions, one brilliant answer.

While I was busy playing a rousing game of "No Refrigerator for You" in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, YouTube user JoshuaMutter was busy getting his groove on. This is the sort of joy that comes of playing video games far past the point of exhaustion. He's a man after my own heart.

Adam Jensen Does A Safety Dance! [YouTube -- Thanks Smi1ley!]


    My morning has been made!

    1:18 contains dangerous amounts of win.

      indeed. It's a shame he has to be against a wall to do this, probably a bunch of other awesome things you could get as well

    better then the dancing in mass effect *shudder*

      Did you see those punks busting a move in the metro station? I say "A" move because they only had one. It wasn't much of one either.

    Was the first thing I did when I took cover for the first time.

      Ha that was the same for me! I was like... hang on a tick... I'M DANCING!

    You'd think with leg & arm augments you could bust out some pretty epic transhumanist dance moves

    I wanted an RPG and you gave me a dance game... I never asked for this

    The winner? The one frame of SQUARE/DE TEAM's "FINAL FA[NTASY] XXVII"!!!

    But how do you take your jacket off? Does that become an option later?

      It's not an option as such, he just ditches it part way through the game.

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