You Know You Want These Minecraft Socks

I don't know what I prefer -- these awesome Minecraft socks, or the awesome packaging they come in. Regardless, if any of my relatives are reading this and you're going to buy me socks for christmas -- please make sure you buy these ones!

This is the box.

And this is what's inside...

So yeah, I guess the box is the coolest part -- but still! Minecraft socks!

Thanks Chrispy B!


    Those green creeper socks are pretty awesome, can I just get three pairs of those? :P

    Not for $45 I don't.

    "That's a very nice pair of shoes you have there, it'd be a shame if something were to happen to them"

    This was posted already on Friday. :/

      I think Mark is hinting that he *really* wants them.

      I believe that was from the US Kotaku anyway

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