You Picked FemShep’s Look, Now Pick Her Hair Colour

You Picked FemShep’s Look, Now Pick Her Hair Colour

When fans picked the blonde version of female Commander Shepard to appear in the ads and videos for Mass Effect 3, they weren’t voting for a hair colour; they were voting for a hair style. Now we’re voting for the hair colour.

I wasn’t a particularly big fan of the blonde Shepard recently voted in as the official FemShep of Mass Effect 3, but I really did dig her hair. So did a lot of folks. BioWare knows this to be the case, and has opened up round two of the voting to let fans determine which colour that lovely hairstyle should be.

Simply hit up the link below and cast your vote for the shade of space sexy you prefer. Are you a dirty blonde, or do you prefer a saucy, spicy ginger? I’m voting traditional black on this one. I like my space heroes to have a little goth lurking around the edges.

Voting runs from today through PAX next weekend, so I’d jump on that as quickly as possible.

FemShep Voting Round 2 [Facebook]


  • Shouldn’t Bioware have warned there’d be a round two? Didn’t a whole bunch of people just vote for that one because she was blonde?

    • Nah they picked her because her hair is loose and long and then bitched and whined about her not being a redhead. So like all things BioWare gave into peer pressure and are letting them make her one.

    • From what I was hearing many people voted for it because of the hair style, not the colour… and it looks like the blonde is being beaten by the redhead now anyway,

  • What do we get to vote on next? Eye colour? Breast size? Facial expression? Straightness of teeth?

    I would rather that they had just made a decision and go with it. This is getting silly (sillier).

    • Why stop these things when it works as free advertising for them?

      But can you imagine the breast size if that decision was left up to the doubtlessly tasteful peoples of the Internets?

    • Hear hear. Please, no more leaving this to the community to decide because
      a) you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and
      b) as Yahtzee once (kind-of) said, nerds and fanboys have no idea what they want.

      Personally, I think the current design looks way too young. I’d prefer to play as someone who looks like Vasquez from Aliens

  • Hair colour aside, she still looks about 20. At least the default femShep from the first two games looked the right age.

    It’s definitely a great thing that Bioware are making a ‘default’ model for the trailer, and it’s nice that fans can vote on it if they wish – but deciding from 6 pixie-faced identical models in a beauty contest seems rather odd.

  • Red or brown. Just wish they’d let you change one feature of yor curent Shep, rather than have to start from scratch.

  • This is stupid. If they only wanted us to select a hair style without colour last time, they should have left them all the same colour.

  • Ok sure, she looks good, but seriously people Femshep is a soldier. There is no way that any soldier ever can run around with their hair loose like that. Bioware realised this with Ashley in ME1, but since EA is probably pushing the sexy thing Miranda, ME3 Ashley and even Femshep have to do the whole space bimbo thing. I hope in the final scene Femshep dies with hair in her eyes, cause thats all you deserve!!

    • I’m of two minds about this. While I agree with you completely, and it’s caused me a little bit of nerd rage, I really don’t like short hair on females, it has no bearing on what I think of the person as such, but 99% of the time I will think “You’d look nicer with long hair.” And ultimately it’s a fictitious game, I feel like I should at least have the option to choose long hair if I want it!

      I’ve always been a fan of the ponytail for games like this, long but held back. Having just started a femshep ME1 run, it frustrates me that I really dislike every hairstyle except the default which is just passable.

  • I would have to choose the Fanta pants ginger ninja, sure she may not have a soul and been put out of her misery at birth but she looks the best.

  • If Femshep wasn’t in canonically a ginger in my head I’d go with the second one, but as it stands, Red me up Commander.

  • I think I would vote blonde just to piss off the politically correct crowd again.

    In all seriousness either blonde or red works for me. I honestly don’t care either way. Think my femshep was a redhead before.

  • hmm gee seeing its video game nerds voting… pretty sure it’s gona be RED.


  • Just how many polls are they going to open up and change things? They should really have mentioned all this at the start.

  • If they were going to go step by step, where the hell were the non-caucasian Shepards? 😛
    (This is a white guy’s opinion BTW. And for the record, my FemShep is a black redhead, if only to banish the stereotype of muscular white men in sci-fi action movies.)

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