You Sell Those Kingdoms Of Amalur, Ken Rolston

Legendary The Elder Scrolls designer Ken Rolston proves himself one amazing combination thespian and salesman during his Gamescom presentation of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It's "an enemy-pounding fun-fest!"


    LOL This guy must be a blast at parties..

    Am I watching a Youtube video in a Youtube video?

      lol I think we are, I'm on my mac and I'm pretty sure I heard a windows "ding" haha

    It is so distracting when these speakers look down at the auto-cue. Can't they learn their lines or just speak off the cuff? Or at least put auto-cue's at different areas of the room so their eyes don't keep yoyoing to the same place.

    Just all these Gamescom speakers sound so scripted.

    I am half expecting him to ask for a donation at the end of this to the Uniting Church of Amolor (Parise EA).

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