You Tell Me What Is Happening In This Dishonored Image

Recent Game Informer cover game Dishonored is a first-person stealth game set in a mysterious, malleable world that is bent by player choice. That's about all I know.

Our own Joel Johnson is currently in Texas today and has played the game there, at QuakeCon 2011. He knows more and will tell us what the deal is with the game. Until then, I ask you readers, what's the deal with this image? It was the most striking of a batch of Dishonored shots offered by the game's publisher Bethesda today. I want your best theories as to why what's happening is happening.


    He is getting his with a flame arrow obviosly.

    Check the latest GAME INFORMER, its a good issue besides all the e3 info i already knew (my fault for being a nerd).

    Well isn't it obvious.....they're retaliating cause this guy called them chicken legs.

    Its Saturday so there obviously having a BBQ

    You're all crazy, the robots are just walking and saw this "flame" which is really a teleport from another universe, where that guy fell from.

    Mega yellow wind turret, wooooosh

    His Zinger burger was too hot so the robots are coming to help soothe his lips.

    lmao zinger burger

    This is no nanny state, let us light that for you

    The guy told them the end of Lost

    It looks to me like he's throwing some sort of flaming spear at the robot... hehe... :)

    Well the citizen is obviously fed up with the Administrator's restrictions on reproduction so he set out to resist but Civil Protection cracked down on his ass with a couple Striders... He should have a lambda-designated supply drop first...

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