You Too Can Drive Like Mad Max (Well, Sorta!)

One of Australia's most iconic muscle cars is coming to Forza Motorspot 4. In Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, it was the Pursuit Special, a tuned and customised 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT.

Originally, the V8 was launched in 1973 with the slogan "The Great Australian Road Car". And it was.

The 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT will join three other still-unnamed Australia cars, and it almost made the DLC pack for Forza 3 picked by readers of sister site Jalopnik. Glad to see it in Forza 4.

Mad Max Meets Forza 4 [IGN]

Top photo: Mad Max 2/ Warner Bros


    Oooh. What about the HQ?

    I reckon two of the three unnamed would hopefully be a modern Falcon and a modern Commodore. Maybe the third will be a classic Holden?

    I loved driving the HSV W427 in Forza 3... maybe another HSV appearance? The E3 GTS?

    Falcon Phase 3 GTHO.

    It can't be a racing game without a car that Peter Brock drove. It just can't.

      Let me re-interate, I wish that another car would be the Falcon Phase 3 GTHO.

      I also hope that a car that Peter Brock drove will be in there. Complete with racing livery as well. That would be the best.

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