Your First Look At Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software, makers of Borderlands 1, is making Borderlands 2. This is the game's first teaser.

The game will take players back to Pandora, and the teaser features snowy and then lush green settings. And according to Gearbox Software, this is all in engine.


    Trailer not long enough... Must have MORE damnit!

    I haven't been this excited for a game in ages!

      Thats not a class, its (pretty much) the boss of the bad guys. Its all in the new game informer.

        Are you sure about that?

        Everything I've read said that he is one of the new classes, a Gunzerker, and that he's a dwarf named Salvador.

        No, there's a skinny guy with what looks like an artificial face who is the 'leader of the bad guys'... this big guy with the two huge guns is actually one of the new player characters, according to what they said in the GI article.

        Game looks awesome, and he looks cool and all, but I still hope we can choose one of the original 4 characters... or even import our characters into the sequel :)

        I've got this Game Informer. It says that the Gunzerker class, named Salvador, is basically the new Berserker class with the ability to dual wield. Complete with concept art OF the guy shown in the teaser.

    Interesting robot designs.

    why does every FPS sequel have to include dual-wielding?
    anyway, very excited!

      Are you kidding? Being able to dual wield my pistols would have been muchos welcome in the original.

      Lets face it, Mordecai is basically a video game version of Roland from the Dark Tower series. Proficient at Revolvers AND a hawk as a special ability!

        * dual wielding pistols would have just completed it!

        Afaik dual wielding is only something Salvador can do and it's for a limited time so I'm guessing it's his special class ability.

          If it was solely dual wielding pistols or small weapons I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I think dual wielding machine guns is a little bit silly. And to have it as a special ability is just kind of boring. I think the abilities in the first game were more interesting.

    Not allowing myself to be excited until I see more character designs.
    This guy doesn't razzle my dazzle.

    Meh. Boring teaser is boring.

      Would you prefer a teaser trailer that shows you nothing about the game and is mostly text on the screen with narration?

    And if you can shoot like that while duel wielding, that would be something. But I bet it doesn't.

    And I can't wait for the release so everyone can bitch and moan about it being more of the same with a couple small minor updates.

      Wouldn't hear a peep from me.

    Is it just my imagination or have they pushed the cartoon look even further?

    More of the same? Sign me up.

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