Your First Look At Resistance: Burning Skies On The PlayStation Vita

The announcement of Resistance: Burning Skies for the PlayStation Vita at Sony's Gamescom 2011 press conference today was immediately followed by a live demonstration of the game in action. This is that demonstration.

It's not looking too shabby. I like that the Vita makes up for the original PSP's lack of sufficient controls by adding virtual buttons to the game screen. You want buttons? We've got your buttons right here. We have buttons that don't even exist. Eat the buttons.


    looks like a early playstation 3 game which is amazing for a handheld. But again the Battery life, how long am i going to get out of this. I am hoping for 10 hours, but i think i am hoping too much

      Yep, I'm pretty sure you're hoping too much.

        I will be happy with 3-5. As long as it lasts my bus and train ride to and from work I am happy.

    Id really like to see more new titles like Gravity Daze,Im sure the new Resistance and Bioshock titles will use the touch screen interface well and Ill definetly be buying them however look at the delays For Mario Kart 7 and Starfox have taken on the 3DS Sony needs some killer launch titles which In my opinion they currently have but a few.

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