Your Handy Map Of Half-Life 2's City 17

Reader Michael sent us an image he's been working for a while. It's a map of Half-Life 2's City 17 done in an "authentic" style.

That means no easy-to-read Google Maps style of cartography. City 17 is in Eastern Europe, and the world is a mess, so all the Resistance have to go on would be old Soviet military maps.

So that's what Michael drew. Anyone who knows the general lay of the land in the game will see it's quite the work of art.

Soviet Military Map of City 17 [Steam]


    This is quite impressive. I only really recognise the coast, nova prospekt and black mesa east, though!

    stunning, great work Michael!

    Amazing, but I can't understand anything, and I can't seem to use Google Translate for this, you should make a translated version, just for convenience

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