Your Xbox 360s Just Got A Lot Less Shiny

The new Xbox 360 S model has always been available in two finishes: a glossy, reflective surface on the "big" consoles and a dull, matte finish on the smaller 4GB version. This Fall, that distinction gets a little less clear.

You'll soon be able to get the larger 250GB version of the Xbox 360 in the same matte finish as the existing 4GB, meaning less obvious dust and a lot less fingerprints.


    I much prefer my Matte Finish Xbox 360 S. I mean compared to the Glossy PS3 which is scratched/scuffed/disgusting. I really think the matte finish will age much, much better.

    Why anything uses the fingerprint magnet version, I still don't understand. It only looks a tiny bit better out of the box, and looks worse within minutes of use.

    Why cant Microsoft just stick with one bloody design, just design it properly from the start and they wont have to keep spending money on running updates.

      Uhhh...this isn't a new design or anything, they're just using the matte casings that they were already creating for the 4gb and applying them to the ones that come with the 250gb drive...

    I'll be sure to buy the cheapest xbox 360 model then. Right after my 360 RRODs, which will probably be not too far off.

    So now the ultra premium version now resembles the supposed entry level 4GB model? Oh this is too precious.

    PS: I always thought the matte version looked the better of the two anyway.

    Spewin.. i boight a plain black matte sticker skin set for my 360 anyway from decal girl for my 360S

    Matte FTW! 3DS is killing me with its glossy finish. Lets not even discuss how terrible my launch PS3 looks now!

    Ugh, I just recently bought an Xbox 360 Slim and I was very disappointed in how glossy it is.

    I wish I could get it swapped for a matte finish, the gloss is so ugly.

    Hey everyone!

    Let me introduce you all to this new exciting innovation straight out of our R&D department.

    Its a piece of cloth, but wait there's more!

    You take this piece of cloth and you gently, but firmly, rub this over your glossy finish surfaces.

    What this does is create this (what the guys in R&D are calling) 'Magical Contact' to remove dust and finger prints right before your eyes!

      hey hey, problem solved with just one of those "cloths," amazing technology we have these days hahaha

    It's just a shame that they obviously plan this rubbish well in advance. Planned obsolescence and this sort of release strategy really frustrates me as a consumer. Especially as I fully understand and, usually predict, it as a marketer. Good for business, terrible for consumption.

    Am I the only one who likes my consoles white now?

    I was potentially in the market for a new 360 about a year ago when mine RROD'd. I did look at the S-models but they were all black and it'd stand out loads in my setup. Fortunately Microsoft repaired it (ye olde 20gb version).

    FWIW I do prefer my components matte - but I don't really mind gloss. I find that it has the same problem as matte anyway: dust. What are you guys doing with your PS360s that you get smudge marks all over it?? Once it's in its spot, you give it a wipe every now and again to keep the dust off, and that's it!

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