10 Minutes Of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Helicopter Action

After being sorely disappointed by the helicopter combat of Apache Air Assault last year, it's nice to see there's still some hope for the well-armed whirlybird enthusiast in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

One thing becomes crystal clear while watching this video: This is not a realistic helicopter simulation. Apaches do not roll like that at low speeds. Not unless there's electric guitar music in the background.

Not that I'm complaining. If I wanted realism I'd have become a pilot. I just want to shoot things while hovering. Looks like Assault Horizon has me covered.


    It looks good, but it doesn't look natural. It just looks strangely off.

    The demo is up now, you can try a jet and helicopter level in it. I really like the chopper part, it's not as realistic as Apache Assault, but that game was frustratingly hard at points (nobody bothered to go through and play-balance it) while this is actually.... fun.

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