10 Minutes With Diablo III's Witch Doctor

The closed beta for Diablo III Beta kicked off a bit earlier today, granting a lucky few access to an early build of the much-anticipated dungeon crawler from Blizzard.

Here's a couple of videos to show you what greets players when they first log in (below) and what the first 10 minutes or so of the Witch Doctor's beta play looks like (above).


    I gotta say, it looks a bit linear.
    I liked roaming open moors and deserts in D2, exploring and uncovering the map.

      there were parts like this in both of the other games, im sure there will be open areas in d3 aswell.

    Is there a ball-park release date yet? Late 2011- Early 2012? I've lost track of this as its been such a long wait.

      Originally it was meant to be late 2011, but its doubtful that could happen now.

        Blizzcon is in October, they could well turn around and go "Hey, btw, it's out next week!"

        very unlikely but i can dream, right?

    Wow, that leah girl has a REALLY REALLY annoying voice. I can't say why, something about it is just so.............lame

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