25 Years Of Zelda On Display At Nintendo World

I'm one of the biggest Zelda fanatics around. So imagine my excitement when my Lords and Masters here at Kotaku said it would be a good idea for me to visit the 25th Anniversary display celebrating The Legend of Zelda that Nintendo World recently set up.

Pop up to the second floor to see all the memorabilia in it's shiny glory. Each case features a different saga of the Zelda franchise (from hyping the upcoming Skyward Sword all the way back to the series' modest beginnings). The folks at Nintendo World told me that the display will be around till February of 2012, so if you're in the New York area, be sure to pop over and have a look.

Zelda's Gamecube and Wii history.

There are many CDs containing original soundtracks. Many of them imports all the way from Japan.

Limited Edition statue of Link (they also have one with Link in his blue Zora Tunic).

More soundtracks, an Ocarina, and two of the many charming bottles they have on display.

I loved those bottles, simple yet effective.

Classic Zelda in all it's glory.

The Adventure of Link and some retro merchandise (that tote bag is fantastic).

Zant statue.

The framed fabric print is gorgeous.

A Tri-Force jewel nestled in between a biography of Zelda's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto and a piece of art.


A real-life Deku shield.

A Zelda'fied Gameboy Advance SP, signed by Miyamoto.

A print in the Gameboy cabinet featuring art from Link's Minish Cap adventure.

DS bundles and Link merch.

Link plushies, aww.


    that's a insane collection
    mirin the gaming aesthetics.

    I have those Phantom Hourglass figures, would love to have that giant one standing on top of the GameCube...

    Do want. Like, everything shown here.

    Aw man, I was there just a few month ago and it was a Mario Kart display. This Zelda one is so much better!

    Kinda disappointed with the loz game box... Even mines in better condition than that. You would think nintendo OF ALL PEOPLE could source a near perfect box without scuff marks.

    Oh k... i'm going to say it.. I jizzed at this! It's like all my childhood memories wrapped into 1 gorgeous showcase. I wish I was in NY :'(

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