28% Of Gamers Think 3D Makes Games Worse

A survey from research firm Interpret LLC has found that 28 per cent of gamers surveyed think that 3D detracts from gameplay, with only 22 per cent preferring 3D. On the 3DS front, 13 per cent don't use the 3D function on their handheld at all.

The survey, which spoke with over 1600 gamers, also found that 56 per cent felt that 3D was best experienced with a console and 3D television, with only 7 per cent saying that the 3D experience was best with a handheld.

In addition, 37 percent of respondents reported feelings of dizziness and nausea associated with 3D entertainment in general, up from 30 per cent in last year's survey.

Personally, I'm not surprised by the results. The 3DS makes me go cross-eyed and the 3D function on my TV has been turned on once in the 10 months that I've had it. 3D just isn't for me. How about you? If the survey sample was the Kotaku community, what would the results be? Are you a 3D enthusiast? Or could you not care less? Let us know what you think!



    The 3D on the 3DS makes me feel lightheaded so I only turn it on if I want to see something in particular in 3D, then I switch it off again.

    I've never seen a 3D film in the cinema or a 3D TV so I don't know if I have a problem with 3D in general or if it's just the 3DS.

    The few times I've experienced 3d, apart from in the cinema hhwen it's not assaulting you, I've ended up with a slight headache or worse.

    I can't seem to come away without my head complaining.

    On the other hand, I haven't had an oportunity to try handheld 3d yet.

    I've had no ill effects with the 3D at all. The only issue I've had with it is that it doesn't actually add anything substantial to the experience and after a while it's like my brain starts taking for granted the fact that the visuals are 3D.
    I've also completely given up on 3D cinema as well, because it's not like I recall the experience in 3D.

    3D is still a gimmick, and unfortunately everything is worse of because of it.

    Movies are being made with 3D in mind, and seeing a 3D movie in 2D because your eyes can't handle it (like mine) is balls because everytime the hero lunges at the screen I die a little inside because I know it's there for nothing more than the 3D effect.

    With 3DS games as well, the reason there is no good software is developers can't be bothered dealing with making their games with 3D in mind, I would love to see more games on the 3DS, especially ones where devs are willing to turn around and say "no 3D effects, for best experience move your 3D slider down to off."

      My eyes are shot too.

      Even with the 'cinema 3d glasses' it doesn't clear up the fuzz around the images.
      In my opinion it makes things worse.

      I don't know what's worse: Movies purposely adding scenes with things 'coming out at you' for 3D, or movies that aren't even made with 3D in mind but add the 'extra D' in post-production just so they can advertise that the movie is "in 3D!"

      Anyway, I don't have a problem viewing 3D (or using the 3DS), but if I had the choice I would just stick with 2D unless the game actually made good use of the added depth.

      When it's added on during post-production, yes it becomes a gimmick. A money hungry gimmick.
      Even still, some films that are filmed in 3D (Pirates 4 is one I can think of recently) also hold that gimmick, when like you say, the acting is done where a character lunges toward the screen purely for the 3D experience.

      I know people trash Avatar, I think mainly cause it was so successful. But it is truly, for the type of film, set aside from the rest. The world became 3D, the background and environment. Still there are those actions scenes & all, but watching a lot of 3D films these days, some scenes are 2D and the rest 3D -- Tron Legacy for example is only 3D on the grid, which is still 80% of the film, but still.

      Avatar, its not the greatest film (even tho James intended for it to be really) but its not that bad, especially with its use of 3D. I think another great example of 3D is the newest Final Destination. Characters lunging towards the screen etc... but it never tries to be anything different. It's a parody of what 3D is really meant to be in these sort of films.

      3D is already is dying down - sure there's at least a film every week being released in 3D - but even some the big blockbusters this year have seen less 3D returns than expected.

      I personally think 3D should stick to Animated films and those doco's that have always been around airing in IMAX theatres especially for 3D. If an action film wants to create a 3D movie, then take an example from something like Final Destination or Avatar. Introduce the audience to the world and environment that is being created and not just a quick shock value lunge towards the screen.

      Then again - producers can just create great films without the 3D to entertain the audience. Whatever happened to that?

    add me to the 28%!

    Shit flying out at your face is a cardinal sin in 3D movies. Bloody awful.

    The 3DS is ok. The 3D pops in and out of perspective because you are always moving around when playing a handheld. A one degree change of angle messes up the the effect and makes your eyes and brain do all kinds of weird stuff.

    I own a 3D TV and I play any games that have the 3D option in 3D and I think 3D for games is good. Though I do believe that not enough developers are implementing it well. Epic have come out and said the Gears 3 was never made for 3D.

    Never played a 3ds but I can safely say playing crisis 2 in 3D is awesome and anyone with doubts should give it a bash if they can. The gameplay is still the same but the environments feel more real.

    ive never had any problems with the 3DS not even eyesores, and it adds to my immersion in a game but i could live without it
    I cant stand 3D tvs because i require glasses so wearing 2 pairs just ruins the experience

    I always feel like I'm in the minority when I say I really like 3d effects (both in the cinema and my 3ds).

    It does not seem to give me headaches like it does others although I will turn off the 3d effect when I'm travelling as the bumps stop me from finding that 3d sweet spot.

    Having recently bought a 3D TV (it was only a bit more expensive than the non 3D one I was going to buy so I thought why not), I am forcing myself to play through Resistance 3 in 3D just to experience it. I am not really enjoying it, and feel that for every moment that immerses me (the corn field battle springs to mind), there are a hundred times when the blur just irritates. I've had the same experience with Wipeout - it looks great in moments but too often the experience blurs. I have regular glasses that I need to put the 3D ones over the top of, so I wonder if that causes some of the trouble that I have, but my friends express similar issues. I guess in 10 months time I'll be like you, Tracey, and have forgotten to use the darn feature. (plus the films are ridiculously expensive, and the range is terrible).

    I'm very anti-3D, especially with films. 3D short movies are great for theme parks, but I don't need to watch them in the cinemas. I loathe wearing the stupid glasses. I still think that the only movie to do 3D justice is Avatar, everything else is gimmicky.

    With games, I don't dislike it (OoT 3D is pretty neat), but it's still unnecessary imo. I'll be glad when this fad goes away in a few years time (or so I hope).

      i just wrote a massive speel about this
      but i read it and it didnt make sense so have this link lol.
      At the moment i dislike 3d i wear contacts so its less difficult for me than people with glasses however i find that the screen will still go blurry for me as well. I refuse to use 3d in gaming at the moment due to the blurry effect however if the technology was improved or someone found away to get rid of said blurry effect and the general choppyness i would be interested... oh btw i think the 2 players 3d split screen thing is pretty neato...but i dont have a 3d tv so im just going to try it at my mates place

    I don't like 3D in movies, but the 3D on the 3DS is quite good. It's very immersive and makes the game look a lot better. Especially OoT on 3DS, that looks fantastic.

    I was never hyped up for 3D FULL STOP. 3D is probably the most overrated overrused technology this year

    I've only had a couple of stellar 3D experiences - I'd mostly put myself in the "It's balls" category but for a few exceptions.
    Jackass 3D was genius, because it has no story, nothing to get immersed in - I find 3D can be quite jarring at the cinema, and takes me out of the storytelling experience. Jackass had none, and the 3D was so well done, that I found it really made that movie. Avatar also, because the movie was conceived from the very beginning to take advantage of the format.
    The other is playing Mario Galaxy 2 emulated with Nvidia's goggles - those planetoids have never seemed "more round", and seeing star bits fly into the screen from somewhere over your shoulder is awesome.
    Pretty much everything else has been unnecessary, jarring, or painful. And 3D doesn't mess up my eyes or give me a headache, I just generally don't like it.

      I laughed my ass off when the dildo shot out of the cannon and started heading directly toward my face.

      Totally agreed! Jackass 3D is probably the best used 3D filming I've seen. Specifically as you mentioned, there IS NOT story. It's taking advantage of the way 3D works to add more hilarity and obscenity to their stunts, which suited me just fine. It's also worth mentioning that watching a 2D DVD version of JA 3D feel lack lustre and it just shows how well the 3D was suited to the movie!

    I tried 3D once for about 10seconds.. I had a terrible headache, I ripped the glasses off and bent over to vomit but felt better as soon as the glasses were off.

    I was a little light headed after that though.

    3D hurting the eyes of peasants? No surprise that the lower class have such trouble with technology built for their superiors.

    I've been playing Gran Turismo 5 in 3D, and it's been quite enjoyable. I'm finding that my cornering has improved, presumably because I'm able to judge the distance to the corner better.

    Or maybe it's just the practice which is helping. Hard to tell. In any case, 3D for driving games is a winner for me.

    No problems for me, I enjoy it. No headaches or anythign like that, no matter how long i've been playing :)

    Still it doesn't bother me either way, I'd enjoy the a game just as much if it wasn't 3D

    I hate 3D. Walking around the shops and driving give me a headache.

    I'm so glad I can escape into a fantasy world on my 3Ds and enjoy proper 3D. Slider all the way up baby.

    3D on consoles comes with performance hits and thats not really something I'm ever happy about. 3D on PC on the other hand where the only really issue I have is going from 120fps to *only* 60 while maintaining max settings is far less painfull.

    In that environment I dabble with 3D whenever its done well. Batman AA would be a different game if I didn't play it with 3D Vision.

    The 3D give me a headache.

    It could be a tooma.

      It's not a tooma!

      I don't think 3D makes games worse but I can't say I think it makes them unbelievably better, euther.

    man, i hate looking at this stupid thing all the time and i didnt even buy one!

    3D is obviously the next stage in visual media presentation, and anyone who says otherwise should go play cod with grade seven students.

    Problem is, we don't have 3D yet, only glorified popup books. Much like the Wii and Kinect, developers are making games for the old paradigm and then tacking on the new stuff, rather than designing for the new and working up.

    When that stops, we'll actually be able to form an opinion on how the tech has affected gaming, because until then, we don't have anything but pokedex3D to go on, and that's not really a game.

    I love 3D. I don't get sick from it at all. I've games for hours and hours on the 3DS and never felt anything, like a normal gaming session.

    I never played Star Fox or Ocarina as a kid and I am LOVING them on the 3DS. The graphics look sharp, the 3D is great and I'm finding it very immersive and the depth is helpful for games like Star Fox. I'm getting a 3D tv this week and I can't wait to play some PS3 3D games on it.

    I also like 3D in the cinemas too when its done well aka Avatar which immerses you in an environment. Not like Resident Evil Afterlife where it just threw shit out the screen at you or lazy converted films like Clash of the Titans which were just blurry cardboard cut outs.

    3D is great if you don't get headaches and the medium is made properly.

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