31 PS Vita Games, Baseball Monster Kinect Title, 30 Minutes With Dark Souls

31 PS Vita Games, Baseball Monster Kinect Title, 30 Minutes With Dark Souls

Yesterday morning we caught you up on the night’s big Nintendo news, this morning it’s almost all about Sony following a late night presser that revealed the PS Vita’s launch date and a slew of new games.

We also caught press conferences from Namco Bandai and Grasshopper. Here’s your complete summary of our on-going coverage of Tokyo Game Show, pre-day 1.

Grasshopper Manufacturing


http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/09/first-gameplay-footage-of-a-diabolical-kinect-game/First Gameplay Footage of a Diabolical Kinect Game

Diabolical Pitch is an upcoming Kinect game from Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio responsible for titles like No More Heroes.

It’s a baseball game. More »


No More Heroes Developers Try Social Gaming

Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture, the team behind games like No More Heroes, is moving into the mobile gaming scene after teaming up with Japanese “social network operator” DeNA.

Three titles were announced as part of the partnership between the two companies, revealed at a pre-TGS party… More »

Namco Bandai


My 30 Minutes (and 12 Deaths) Playing Dark Souls’ Tutorial

Normally, I’d sit down to play a sequel (in this case spiritual, if not official) and notice what’s different. Not today. Playing Dark Souls at Namco Bandai’s pre-TGS showcase was like seeing a friend the day after you last saw them, and all that’s changed is the shirt they’re wearing.

I never… More »


Armored Core V’s Singleplayer is a Mess of Explosions and Yellow Writing

Having tried out Armored Core V’s co-operative multiplayer mode at Gamescom last month, at yesterday’s pre-TGS Namco Bandai showcase event I got my hands on armoured Core V’s singleplayer.

It was… well, it wasn’t easy on my eyes.

Not in terms of how it feels. More »



Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Press Conference LIVE Coverage

Tokyo Game Show 2011 is… GO!!! Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is kicking it off with its pre-TGS keynote, talking about all things PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Network. More »


Ninja Gaiden, Katamari, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and More Coming to PlayStation Vita

Details from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine are leaking all over the place, revealing a slew of PlayStation Vita games both new and old, including versions of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Katamari Damacy, Ultimate Marvel vs. More »


PlayStation Vita Hits Japan on Dec 17

During the kick off to the Tokyo Game Show tonight, Sony said that the PlayStation Vita will be hitting Japan on December 17. More »


Final Fantasy X is Coming to PlayStation Vita and PS3 in HD

Square Enix will bring PlayStation 2 role-playing game Final Fantasy X to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, the company announced today, giving the 2001 video game a high definition makeover.

The game’s publisher called the HD upgrade a “special 10th anniversary production” but did not show… More »


Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders HD Collections Coming to Vita Too

And the ports just keep on coming! PlayStation Vita owners will have even more high-def versions of classic games to play on the go as Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that the previously announced Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders HD collections will also come to Vita.

Those… More »


Vita Can Play ‘Most’ Downloadable PSP Games, Sony Thinking About Solution for UMD Owners

Sony’s next generation handheld will, as previously promised, support downloadable PSP titles. The PlayStation Vita will even let you take advantage of its dual analogue sticks to control some software. More »


Here Are the PS Vita’s 20 Six Launch Titles for Japan

On December 17, the PS Vita will go on sale in Japan. When it does, it will have a whole host of titles to support it.

Today, at Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press event, the handheld’s launch line-up for Japan was revealed, twenty-six titles strong.

Here is a list of the titles available at… More »


Not All the Japanese Launch PS Vita Titles Are ‘Games’

Several of those, like NicoNico Douga and calendar app Yuusha no Kiroku, are not launch games in the tradition sense.

They do not seem to be stand alone titles, but downloadable apps. More »


How Does the PS Vita’s Battery Life Stack Up to the 3DS’s?

According to Nintendo, the Nintendo 3DS’s battery gives players from three to eight hours of play. How does that compare to the PS Vita’s battery?

Today, Sony revealed that the PS Vita will offer between three to five hours of gameplay. More »


How About Two New PS3 Colours? OK, Then!

At today’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony revealed two new PS3 colors: Splash Blue and Scarlet Red.

Both are 320GB models and will go on sale Nov. More »


The PS Vita’s 3G Plans Could Raise Eyebrows in Japan

This December, Sony is launching two PS Vitas. One model is the cheaper 3G model. The other is a 3G version.

Japanese carrier Docomo is handling the Vita’s 3G services. More »


Sure, Play the PS Vita in Your Car

A new gaming portable means more than new games. It also means new peripherals, and that’s exactly what Sony is giving the PS Vita.

Some of the peripherals are no surprises (a pouch! More »


Can You Tell Your Wi-Fi PS Vita from Your 3G Vita?

Sony is launching two PS Vitas: One is a ¥24,980 Wi-Fi model. The other is a ¥29,980 3G model. Can you tell them apart?

No, they are not exactly the same. More »


Lest We Forget About the PSP, Sony Has a New PSP Pack

On November 17, Sony is releasing two new PSP value packs for the PSP-3000. One comes in black, and the other comes in red.

Both are bundled with the typical Value Pack extras (cleaning cloth, pouch, battery pack, plug) as well as a 2GB Memory Stick. More »

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