3DS Ninja Boob Game Is Just As Jiggly As Expected

When Half-Minute Hero designer Kenichiro Takaki thought about what he wanted to see on the 3DS, he came up with Senran Kagurafor obvious reasons.

If this Senran Kagura clip is any indication, the game looks like it's pretty much what one would expect. There are ninjas. There are boobs. The end.

Senran Kagura will be released on September 22 in Japan.

Senran Kagura [YouTube]


    Oh, Japan.

    The Japanese DO know how to make attractive female models.

      In video game, robot or pillow form.

    When Half-Minute Hero designer Kenichiro Takaki came up with Senran Kagura, Brian Ashcraft was the one to write about it — for obvious reasons.

    How horrible. The poor ninja girl was saying "How embarrassing" and "please (I'm guessing stop)"
    Also, same body model, different hair.
    These breasts physics always make me laugh, breasts don't jiggle like that in real life. It's pretty comical

    Overly jiggly boobs combined with cornball music - only in Japan

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