9 Minutes Of Stunning Uncharted Sand Art

9 Minutes Of Stunning Uncharted Sand Art

What better way to get players in the mood for the Arabian desert setting of Uncharted 3 than sand. In this nine-minute clip, an artist brings the game to life through sand painting.

The artist’s name is Natalya Netselya, and she’s been working with sand for the past five years. “It was fun for me to recreate an iconic character like Nathan Drake in some of the amazing settings from the latest game,” she wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

I’ve always loved watching people draw. And now, I love people draw with sand.

Uncharted Stories In The Sand [PlayStation.Blog.Europe]


  • Truly mesmerising. I would have appreciated it more if it was by a freelance sand artist rather than having Sony’s marketing all over it. A relaxing 9 minute break from work though!

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