A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt We often play through games and completely miss the Easter Eggs that developers leave for us to find. More often than not we encounter them but aren’t aware of their significance. Kotaku reader Sam Timmins has been playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution and has done some research into the Easter Eggs he has found.

“After finding my first Deus Ex: Human Revolution Easter Egg, I decided it could be a fun side quest to collate all the Easter Eggs I found and share them with you all,” he says.

“A lot of these Easter Eggs touch on not only gaming, but also pop cultural references that may have influenced the development team, which gave us the brilliant game that is Deus Ex.”

The Egg: The Three Seashells Location in game: Hengsha Court Gardens What is it?: A bathroom with a toilet, no toilet roll on the wall, just an alcove shelf with three seashells.

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt Where is it from? “DEMOLITION MAN” [1993] , a Stallone sci-fi action movie set in a future “San Angeles”.

[ “No toilet paper. There’s Three seashells?!” Scene from Demolition Man: ]

[ Stallone ditches the shells, figures out how to get toilet paper:]

The Egg: Star Wars Episode 9: The Search For More Money Location in game: FEMA Plant, Detroit What is it? In an email for “DETWKS0012” about “Clean up of parking area”, the last line includes: “P.S: Episode 9 tonight? If so, let’s go early. I hate waiting in lines.” Where is it from? From the clues of “waiting in lines” and “Episode 9”, it’s not hard to figure out the writer means going to the cinema, that there will be a long queue and that the title includes “Episode 9”.

Star Wars has been adding to the saga since 1977, and fans have asked/demanded a sequel trilogy – Episode 7 to 9 – since the 1990s. (Looks like George – or the new I.P owner – finally gave in!)

The Egg: The Radios’ Music Location in game: Anywhere with a small radio present. What is it? Usually you’ll hear a guy bitch and moan much like any talk radio host, but between his rants, you’ll get a random music track. The music tracks are from the soundtrack to “Deus Ex” [2000] !

(In my playthrough, the most commonly heard one is the UNATCO track, heard in the UNATCO base in Deus Ex. This was my favourite egg, since I’ve been a fan of the series since I first got the Deus Ex demo in 1999/2000.)

The odd thing about that? This game is based *before* “Deus Ex”. Temporal Paradox much? Or do the people of 2052 love hits from 25 years ago? (Well, okay, I guess *I* still like 80s hits…)

The Egg: Robocop [Egg One] Location in game: Detroit Police Department What is it? There’s a room for Detective Alex Murphy, namesake for the hero of the “Robocop” saga. (Robo-what? It’s a cult 1987 movie which grew into a trilogy, TV show, cartoon, comics and games. If you liked “Starship Troopers”, it’s the same genre and writing/directing team.)

The Egg: Robocop [Egg Two] Location in game: Detroit Police Department, Detective Murphy’s room. What is it? A fellow officer asks Alex if he’s heard of “this cop movie”.

The Egg: Robocop [Egg Three] Location in game: Detroit Police Department, Detective Murphy’s room. What is it? Murphy’s computer contains an email from his wife *Ellen*, about their son *Jimmy*, discussing his partner *Lewis* too. (The odds of these all being similar to the movie is astounding!)

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

The Egg: “Forever Alone” face Location in game: Random places Post It notes are stuck to items. What is it? A sketch which is part of the “Rage Comics” MEME.

What exactly is it from?: Rage Comics, which can be found on “a series of tubes” as Senator Ted Stevens put it (or as we put it, The Internet).

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

The Egg: Veronica Mars is still in the Detective business! Location in game: Brent Radford’s computer. What is it? An email from user “veronica_m”, giving details on a person Brent was checking out. Where is it from? “Veronica Mars”[2004] , a TV series about a teen girl detective. In Human Revolution, she would be about 40.

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

The Egg: Sexy Fun Time (Was Here). Location in game: (Can’t quite remember. Oh like you can?) What is it? A computer on a bed, pillow at head height, two sex toys on the sheets, tissues and a pump bottle (of oil? Lube? Mayo?) by the bed. Well, it’s good to know in the future Internet sex shows/video chat friends/recording for your partners will still exist. Where is it from? Pretty much every pop ad up on The Internet.

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

The Egg: Blade Runner [Egg One] Location in game: Deckard’s computer. What is it? Deckard’s computer, password being “UNICORN”. Of course it is. Where is it from? BLADE RUNNER [1982] , a cult sci-fi movie starring Harrison Ford, directed by Ridley Scott, a major influence on this game.

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

The Egg: Blade Runner [Egg Two] Location in game: A monitor. Or was it a window?(I was pressed for time.) What is it? A still of the Unicorn dream Decker has. Where is it from? The cult movie BLADE RUNNER [1982] .

A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt

[UPDATE: Kotaku’s IT guy, Tad, pointed us to this “John Howard” reference in the game.] A Deus Ex Easter Egg Hunt Have you found other Easter Eggs in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Let us know about them in the comments!


  • All of the police station computers are famous SF authors, esp Cyberpunk authors- Look for William Gibson and Bruce Sterling among others. If you find that sheet with the passwords on them, they are all related to the author’s work- wgibson’s is baronnull (Count Zero)

  • I found a small easter egg in one of the levels where you go into a guard’s room and there’s a poster that advertises Final Fantasy 27.

    I forget which level it is though, I’m pretty sure it’s the one just after you blow up the explosives for Tong on a ship or something.

    • Yeah there’s a poster for it in a few of the guard’s dorm rooms and I think Pritchard’s office has it on the wall as well.

    • As a dude who has had stuff posted on here (and am working on another one!).. I agree that it is amazing that this place is so open to user content.

      Also, Sam, nice finds. well done.

  • I got one of the Robocop ones last night, overhearing some guards.

    Apparently, the shape of the nodes when you hack an electronic device can sometimes also be an easter egg. Check that sh*t out…

  • In Pritchard’s office is a bike and a poster behind it with Tron*lineorsomething* which is of course a reference to the movie Tron… I realised it only after my second playthrough

    • “END OF LINE.” right?

      Nice find! Will need to find and credit if I get a follow up article. No promises though. I’m just the little guy. Joe Public. 🙂

  • Really good although I have seen most of them already 😛 I tend to look for everything a game has to offer. Btw there were a few other Blade Runner references u missed, such as- Adams apartment (and his scotch glass) is very similar to Deckards, the clothing of eliza and Adam are also reminiscent of characters (deckhard, Rachel) in the movie

  • The search for more movie comes from the cult classic Spaceballs. Yogurt is talking about a sequel to Spaceballs when he says “Spaceballs 2: The Search for more Money” not Star Wars.

  • Hey, you missed the Black Mesa emails! Two different emails in the TYM offices are pretty much word-for-word identical to the voiceovers during the opening train journey in Half-Life.

    • I did that play on words since Spaceballs is a great sci-fi comedy, and the way Lucas runs Star Wars today, what else will E7-E9 be? 😛 🙂

    • I’m still collecting fun stuff like that. As written below, I’m still collecting for perhaps a second part. Depends on Kotaku. 🙂

    • Note the cut-off at the top of the screen, caused by the difference in aspect ratio. All decently taken screenshots of the same thing are going to look more or less the same.

    • Not sure if I already added that to my next list, but if not, also noted your name for credit if I haven’t noted it. 🙂

  • one of the big cables running along the floor in Pritchard’s office has the rego number of the enterprise NCC-50115151sumthingarouther.

    • It would be cool if that WAS the rego, but all of them are:


      Yours with fives and other numbers isn’t similar sadly.

  • There’s a computer account in the police office called “pdick”, AKA Philip K Dick, author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Blade Runner) and a whole lot of other great books.

  • There are a couple other music references to the original Deus Ex, too. One can be heard while wandering around Detroit–a passerby whistles the theme song to the first one. Also, during the intro movie, the first time you walk into Sarif’s office, the soundtrack contains a very prominent quote from the UNATCO theme.

  • First off, cheers to Tracey for getting this posted when I suggested the idea just for fun.
    (And minimizing the edits, even if needed! 😉 )

    It grew from seeing more than a handful of eggs as I played through DEHR.
    Initially I just noted them for fun, but I thought it’d make for a fun lighthearted post at Kotaku.
    I emailed Tracey and here we are!

    Some I seemed to miss because I’m actually still noting ones I find during playthrough for a possible second part to this article. (Including John Howard’s message at Picus – right in front of the news desk from memory.)

    I think I have at least five, not including Howard, whistled DE theme and FF XXVII.
    These may be used, depending on feedback/views and if Kotaku has free room for muckabout posts for follow ups I imagine!

    Cheers to Sheamus who spotted the PDICK login! That’s one I missed, which is annoying, since I love his books, and of course, he wrote the book that was adapted as “Blade Runner” that influenced DEHR!
    (And Redartifus for spotting that ALL of them were sci-fi author names! Kicking myself for missing those.)

    And Spring-Heeled Jack, do you see many films in the style and scope (and budget) of Blade Runner that did WELL? Or sequels/prequels besides the new development freshly announced?

    That places it squarely in the cult section.
    (Which is not a bad thing. It joins many amazingly brilliant/entertaining/fun movies that any generation can like. Few movies/shows accomplish this, even if they bomb at launch.)

    Anyway, I’m still playing through, so if you’d like another article like this once I amass another lot of eggs, speak up! 🙂
    (There may only be a second article if I’m lucky, but hey, it’s a fun side venue to an amazing game, don’t you agree?)

    • Huh, I missed that one, and I’m a fan of that film! Went to TRON Legacy wearing a binary shirt with a vector bowling ball up the top. It decoded to:

      “The Dude Abides.”

      Where/what was the egg?

  • For anyone who has yet to figure out how you use the three sea shells here’s some hints.

    CAUTION: Not for those of weak resolve

    1. You don’t wipe with the shells, you prevent the need for wiping

    2. You specifically need 3 of something relatively flat, to make the most primitive of tubing.

    3. It’s probably not comfortable

  • Ok a few more:

    Room in Picus where you first seek out Eliza : 404 (or page not found in web error parlance)
    Room in Picus where you seek out Eliza after that: 802.11 (wireless protocol)

    Eliza: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELIZA

    The “second in command” referenced in various TYM emails for computer security was Mitnik (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Mitnick) one of the email says something about his penetration test skills being decent.

    The sex toy one is from one of the breakthrough walls in Detroit sewers IIRC.

    In Picus in the big news room pre-furnicular right in the very front of the room near the stage is a computer with emails to/from http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Morgan_Everett

    There is a replica of the hand grabbing at the world from the original in the Picus building.

    Also if you listen to the rage talk host, he makes a lot of “predictive” references towards the future, some of which are accurate to the original game.

    Thats all I can think of for now.

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